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The Holocaust in Dnepropetrovsk Style

This is the epistolary output of the very same Filatov who suggested—as the way of negotiating with Novorossiya: “Give them any promises now, we will hang them later”. A number of interesting details surface here regarding the so-called ATO and other shady dealings.


The mailbox of Filatov hacked. The details of emails regarding “Holocaust in Dnepropetrovsk Style” revealed.


Translated from Russian by Valentina Lisitsa / Edited by O.C.
Original in Russian: Ntv live journal

I came into possession of the correspondence archive of a certain person named B. Filatov. I have no idea whether it is a coincidence or not, but a person with a very similar name currently holds the position of Chief Executive of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, and according to some reports, he happens to be a very close friend of Kolomoysky. The link to the dossier in Russian http://politrada.com/dossier/persone/id/9527.html


Boris Albertovich Filatov—on March 4, 2014 appointed a vice-president for home policy of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

The closest associate of: Igor Kolomoysky”.

Of course, if he had not been a close friend of Kolomoysky, we would have had no interest in his email. Let us take a closer look at the hacked emails.

As usual, first—the technical analysis of the emails and authenticity verification. The archive is a folder with certain files containing EML files. The other copy of the archive contains the same files compressed in MBOX format.


All the emails bear digital DKIM signatures applied by Google (Domain Keys Identified Mail—DKIM—is an email validation system designed to detect email spoofing—ed.).

The validity verification normally shows that any email with DKIM attribute is essentially valid (some emails do not have DKIM marks, because they come from the hacked mailbox and were stored on the server even before being sent, whereas the digital signature is usually applied by the transit server). What does it all mean? It means that these letters do in fact exist, as well as the mailboxes of senders and receivers of the emails.

The results on their own account prove nothing about the authenticity of the email correspondence, insofar as any person could have registered the email boxes with such user names and fabricated the emails.

Nevertheless, if we can establish that at least one of the email accounts of this correspondence is recognized to come previously into the spotlight in the connection to a certain person, it gives us sufficient reason to consider the rest of the emails authentic. There is such an account in this email thread, and another email using this address is verified.


This email address is quickly found via Google search and indicates the real Levin, the man connected to Kolomoysky and Jewish community of Ukraine.


09.09.2014, 15:44
Subject: “Could anyone here tell me how to reach the head of Kiev Jewish community, Alexander Levin?”

“We got directed from the department of Kashrut to this email: a.levin1968@****.com.
But so far we got nothing but automatic response.

We need to get very important information regarding “Babiy Yar” Memorial Fund, but we have been waiting for a response for more than a week. Maybe, he takes that long to answer to anybody, doesn’t he?”

It should be noted, that the content of these posts is quite similar, mentioning Levin as the head of Jewish community, to whom one can resort. Incidentally, some Russian websites refer to him, as well as Ukrainian, English and German ones. If this is a real email address of Levin, we can suppose that all the correspondence is authentic as well.

Now let us move to the content analysis of the emails. The dialog begins with suspicions regarding Parasyuk—a notorious Euromaidan activist and a commander of the 4th company of “Dnepr” battalion. He was captured at the beginning of September, but he managed to escape and rejoin his comrades in arms.


1. September 8, 2014 16:22
Subject: “Volodya Parasyuk”
Molochenko to Filatov:
“I strongly recommend you to distance yourselves as far as possible from the person named Vladimir Parasyuk. It is important to exclude him completely for some time from any of our connections with you. According to our sources, several people, who were captured with him, pointed him out at the very first interrogation. His own story and claims about maintaining incognito while in captivity frankly fails the credibility test. In the nearest future our special affairs department is planning to involve in the investigation a certain person who maintained a close contact with Parasyuk. I will additionally report the finding, if any, in a future—but it needs time to play out.”

2. September 8, 2014 17:01
Subject: “Volodya Parasyuk”
Filatov to Molochenko:
“How trustworthy is the information about Parasyuk having been recognized in captivity?”

3. September 9, 2014 11:19
Subject: “Volodya Parasyuk”
Molochenko to Filatov:
“Not confirmed yet. This is just an operational info. Awaiting for any concrete details.”

Then they start discussing a new email address. Although the hacked email account is only 8 days old, it was used in correspondence with the real Levin, which is another proof that the hacked emails are not fake.


1. September 8, 2014 15:22
Subject: New Mailbox!
“Hi everyone, this is my new mailbox address. Because of multiplying cases of information leaks, this email address is only for a limited circle of people. My previous account is apparently compromised. For any further correspondence please use the new one.”

2. September 8, 2014 15:49
Molochenko to Filatov:
Subject: New Mailbox!
“Very well! In my turn, I also want to remind you about the precautions we agreed to undertake for our cooperation. Henceforth, I would suggest you addressing to me by name Maxim. Please, delete this email after you read it. You should also purge your former mailbox.”

3. September 8, 2014 17:17
Levin to Filatov:
Subject: New Mailbox!

4. September 8, 2014 17:29
Pankevich to Filatov:
Subject: New Mailbox!
“Good afternoon. Then I will write you later about the problem we discussed to this new address. Don’t write anything to Dmytro’s email, it seems, that his twitter account was hacked through his email.”

5. September 8, 2014 17:51
Shlapak to Filatov:
Subject: New Mailbox!
“Hi, could you tell to Igor Valeriievich (Kolomoysky—edit.) (I do not want to bother him—hope he can have a good rest), that I finished the task he delegated to me. I will report him an update about the lie of the land soon. Regarding our agreement, I have to slow down for a while. Senka (Yatsenyuk—edit.) is scrambling around, I do not expect him to give the money for outfitting through Dnipropetrovsk anon, and not at the previous spending level. He is hoping to cover the needs with humanitarian aid, asking to abstain from any purchases.”

6. September 9, 2014 12:13
Filatov to Schlapak :
Subject: New Mailbox!
“Alexander Vitalievich, the boss is chasing up on pushing our agenda, we are not “cash cows”. Better tell me what is happening to metallurgy? [crosshatched] What is this rubbish?”

7. September 9, 2014 14:42
Schlapak to Filatov :
Subject: New Mailbox!
“[Crosshatched] It is not that simple, I am like a cat on hot bricks. We cannot rush with these questions. According to my info, the video clip seems legit. Poroshenko is helping Akhmetov and Taruta now. He is looking to pit them as a counterweight to Igor Valerievich.”

8. September 9, 2014 15:16
Filatov to Schlapak :
Subject: New Mailbox!
“[Crosshatched] Vitalievich, do you know why Tolya (Anatolii—edit.) is jibbing? He is your assistant, exert some pressure on him. We need more money in hryvnia, while we are still able to fill in the ranks with rednecks. They have become too smart, demanding money upfront. But the boss is not willing to spend any more of hard currency on all this cannon fodder. Only for the equipment and weapons.”

9. September 9, 2014 16:53
Shlapak to Filatov:
Subject: New Mailbox!
“I told you not to rush. Senka (Yatsenyuk—edit.) is livid with those laughable “aid tranches” (The IMF aid released in tranches after Ukraine meets certain conditions—edit.). Entire budget has been sucked dry, while the West just keeps pressing on. Here, read Lagarde’s letter. I warned him that it would be impossible to conceal the launch of printing presses. However, this scoundrel likely plays on exchange rates. Now he will try to extricate himself at your expense?”

Of course, two things should be highlighted in particular. The passage “We need more money in hryvnia, while we are still able to fill in the ranks with rednecks. They have become too smart, demanding money upfront. But the boss is not willing to spend any more of hard currency on all this cannon fodder. Only for the equipment and weapons.” most likely concerns private battalions financed by Kolomoisky. It sounds like he is not happy to spend money on “rednecks”.

The second thing is the launch of money printing press, which hastens the inflation. The Western partners of Ukraine realise that and voice their strong dissatisfaction, as it is evidenced by the letter from IMF to Yatsenuk, attached to the correspondence.


The next subject is on some very murky story with accounts. It is not clear, why and for whom they are opened, although, judging by indications they are created under fake identities likely for something illegal.


1. September 10, 2014 12:18
Pankevich to Filatov:
“Regarding Mariupol. Everything is almost ready, you can commence. I will send you the account numbers later today. You should not transfer everything in one chunk—large sums will be too visible along the entire chain. As of the rest, I am sure, you will face any problems.”

2. September 10, 2014 13:02
Filatov to Pankevich:
“Great! I will give the instructions as soon as I have the accounts.”

3. September 10, 2014 15:19
Subject: Accounts
Pankevich to Filatov:

“[Accounts, partially crosshatched]

Recipient bank—PrivatBank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The correspondent bank on your side can be anything, it would be even better if you choose not PrivatBank.
As for the rest—everything as planned. We are keeping an eye on the accounts.They all are registered under the names of students, who are available to come up at any time, and sign letters of attorney. There are no ghost names behind the accounts. The account ending in 111 can be used to withdraw cash, and the rest is for usual transfers.”

And now we are approaching the most significant story of this email exchange. As is the custom, from afar.


1. September 10, 2014 13:14
Subject: A few questions
Levin to Filatov:
“Hello, Boris! Our mutual friends are very concerned about the murder of Zilberbord (A rich businessman killed in Donetsk on August 30—edit.). I got a call from Edelstein – he was very angry, and told me that Benya (A nickname of Kolomoysky—edit.) must have gone nuts and cannot control things anymore. They allege about having conclusive evidences in Israel, that it was the work of guys from “Dnepr”. (Kolomoysky private army—edit.).

2. September 10, 2014 13:31
Subject: A few questions
Filatov to Levin:
“Hi. Calm down your friends, please. Everything on the ground is under our control, local rabbis and journalists have already put the blame on the terrorists. You know, such things happen in a war zone. The boss told to accept only “the pros” in battalions, but those guys—I am telling you—they are like wild animals, and have no special sympathy to Jews, putting it mildly. Better, tell me what about that dispatcher woman? Will she remain silent? The Muscovites are actively spreading her photos from social networks.”

3. September 10, 2014 14:49
Subject: A few questions
Levin to Filatov:
“She is a very committed person. I doubt she will confess. Neither it is in her own interest. Besides, that fool woman got frightened well.”

4. September 10, 2014 15:30
Subject: A few questions
Filatov to Levin:
“Okay. Pass my gratitude to Avraam. Igor Valeriievich (Kolomoisky—edit.) appreciates very much what he did for us in May.”

Now the key element: sotnyk Parasyuk letted everything out. Here we display the entire thread, along with all the drama and inferno. Let us go:


1. September 09, 2014 12:33
Subject: Parasyuk
Filatov to Pankevich:
“For your information, my source in special secret services tells me that SBU has now a peculiar opinion regarding Parasyuk affair.”

2. September 09, 2014 13:20
Subject: Parasyuk
Pankevich to Filatov:
“[Crosshatched] this is not a big news for me, honestly. The war is definitely over for your “hero”. Even outside of secret services, many people have raised the same questions about his captivity. Your Volodya (Parasuyk—edit.) was being paraded on all TV channels for 4 months since he personally set the X-Day for Yanyk (Yanukovich—edit.), then all of a sudden—was about to become a symbol of the revolution—and nobody recognizes him. It is not in the nature of things. He was captured by Russians, by the Militia, by Chechens—all adventures in less than two days… In addition, who was the genius that came up with the story about Orthodox cross? So everybody got their crosses removed but Volodya, because it was his mother’s gift… What kind of Chechens were those—having no qualms about disembowelling the folks, but pathetically allowing them to keep mothers’ gifts? Again, if he was not recognized, why did they have to drag him around for interrogations, scaring him with Chechens? Such a tall tale indeed. Too bad, you rushed this Hollywood story to the public.”

3. September 09, 2014 13:38
Subject: Parasyuk
Filatov to Pankevich:
“You are probably right. Let us wait for the results of the internal investigations they are carrying out.”

4. September 09, 2014 13:54
Subject: Parasyuk
Pankevich to Filatov:
“No need to wait. Your Volodenka is finished. He will never regain the trust.”

5. September 12, 2014 10:21
Subject: Parasyuk
Pankevich to Filatov:
“What happened in Dobropolie back in May? I hear some mightily scary stuff here. Why was I not in the swim?”

6. September 12, 2014 11:04
Subject: Parasyuk
Filatov to Pankevich:
“You did not miss any global catastrophe. On May 30 the battalion entered the city, took over the train station, then the 2nd company has moved for cleansing in direction of Oktyabrskoe. It seems, they even had some skirmish with separatists there. I was reported that they destroyed an intelligence cell. That is all there is to scary stuff.”

7. September 12, 2014 11:20
Subject: Parasyuk
Pankevich to Filatov:
“No, it is not all, Boris. Your idiots slaughtered 37 civilians, 19 of them were Jews! And you know where I got such a detailed information? Yesterday night somebody dug out the garbage bags and boxes with the remains of all those 37 people! You know me well, I would not have mind, if all 37 had been Jews, but do you realise, that this kind of Mini-Holocaust that your fighters committed will not die down in time? Do you have an idea how to move it ahead and present to the public? Didn’t you have enough trouble with the Trade Union Building (May 2, Odessa—edit.), did you? Do you realise that it was not some mushroom hunters, who found the mass grave? That there was a certain person who pointed out those bags and boxes? Give it a thought, my dear Boris, either nobody recognized your guy in captivity (Parasyuk is one of most visible members of Kolomoisky mercenaries, captured but claimed to be able to escape because nobody recognized him—edit.), or he sang to them like a nightingale while in captivity. Please, be so kind to make sure that your Parasyuk will not come close to our current affairs. Only God knows, what kind of person he became after captivity.”


It is not fully clear from the message of Pankevich when exactly the execution took place—allegedly in May—but the bodies were dug out only now. From the correspondence it follows that one of the detachments of battalion “Dnepr” exterminated 37 Ukrainian civilians, 19 among them were Jewish. Considering very strong nationalistic atmosphere in such paramilitary units, the events looks a sort of a Ukrainian-made Holocaust. Of course, very few details. Who found the bodies? In which way they were identified as Jews? Who organized the burial, putting the bodies in garbage bags?

Levin also writes to Filatov, conveying to him the rumors about executions of Jews. Let me remind you that Levin allegedly is the chairperson of Jewish religious community in Kiev as well as the president of the International Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry. However, the plan “whom to blame for executions of Jews” is actually ready.


1. September 13, 2014 13:44
Levin to Filatov:
“[Crosshatched] Rumour has it that a burial place of civilians, killed by fighters from “Dnepr”, has been discovered. Allegedly, there are Jews among those buried. How do you explain that? I would understand if one or two by accident, caught in the middle of action, stuff happens… But about two dozen? You cannot allege it was a mere accident… Even my connections cannot help.”

2. September 13, 2014 13:52
Filatov to Levin:
“We just found out that ourselves! That is all because of Parasyuk, son of a b*tch! He directed them there. The boss has already engaged all the resorts to prevent leak into the media.”

3. September 13, 2014 14:04
Levin to Filatov:
“What does the media have to do with it? I already told you that some people in Israel are very upset with Benya. They have hard time believing that his fighters worked of their own initiative, without his order. In general, there is no painless solution for this problem. Either we have to provide a showcase public thrashing of “Dnepr” men—a brutal one, so it would look undoubted, or otherwise the talks about denationalising are going to be brought into action.” (Kolomoisky has double citizenship of Israel and Ukraine—edit.)

4. September 13, 2014 14:15
Filatov to Levin:
“I think, you do not understand. If we stage a public thrashing, it will mean that we admit the fact of execution. We cannot commit that. There is an opportunity to lay the blame on vatniks (Literally “quilted jackets”, winter clothes for Soviet soldiers in WWII, and nowadays a derogatory term describing pro-Russians—edit.). We are going to use this opportunity. As of the citizenship… You know well whom to put a pressure on. The boss will be much obliged.”

Filatov reports the situation to his superiors.


1. September 13, 2014 14:58
Subject “Parasyuk”
Filatov to Schlapak:
“Parasyuk letted the cat out of the bag. Strongly. Dur to his tip-off they dug out the bodies of civilians, half of them—Jews. The information is spreading swiftly, Levin already got in touch with me. He told me they are very upset about it in Israel.”

2. September 13, 2014 15:37
Subject “Parasyuk”
Schlapak to Filatov:
“Damn it! What measures are you taking?”

3. September 13, 2014 15:57
Subject “Parasyuk”
Filatov to Schlapak:
“We are working on separatists. The most important is now that Poroshenko’s people don’t start developing this subject, otherwise we will be screwed.”

4. September 13, 2014 16:08
Subject “Parasyuk”
Schlapak to Filatov:
“Don’t worry about it. They are not going to make ballyhoo in the media—it’s more trouble than it is worth.”

The rest of the emails is not of much interest. Mostly, references to propaganda war, of which nobody is surprised today.


1. September 13, 2014 14:12
Pankevich to Filatov:
“Borya, I have some material regarding non-Ukrainians in Lviv, which I need to launch with all ensuring consequences. Can you already do it via “Ukraine Today”? (“UT” is a media project launched by Kolomoisky’s TV channel “1+1” as a global propaganda service to promote Ukrainian official line in opposition to “RT” network—edit.).

2. September 13, 2014 14:16
Filatov to Pankevich:
“You need to talk to Tkachenko for this. I can only put you in touch with Pushnova directly.”

4. September 13, 2014 14:03
Subject: “Wall”
Filatov to Shlapak:
“Considering the lie of the land, I don’t get at all: why did we have to put DPR insignia on the APCs? Do Senya (Yatsenyuk—edit.) and Petya (Poroshenko—edit.) actually discuss the things? Are we going to implement what we have arranged, or are we going to swallow our pride, letting ourselves be tarred and feathered, and get away with a little picket fence?”

 That is the story. As usually:

—The names and email addresses are redacted out in order to obey by rules of LiveJournal. No direct link to the archive itself for the same reason.

—Premises are mere technical and content analysis of the hacked emails, facts only.

—All the political and ideological conclusions are up to your own conscience.

Perhaps, there is a need for a short update: I have no idea, whether it is fake correspondence or not. If yes—it should be a fake of a very high quality, prepared by the people who know the surroundings of Kolomoisky. That is it.


8 thoughts on “The Holocaust in Dnepropetrovsk Style

  1. So we have excellent documentation of the demonic Benya’s gang of moneymen and thugs murdering and ethnic cleansing. Good work by the hackers and by the translators.

    File it with all the other high crimes that will go nowhere. We see how there is no rule of law and retribution regarding war crimes and the satanic bestiality in Donbass and Odessa and Mariupol.

    Life is worthless in Ukraine. The lowest forms of humanity, if you can bend the terminology that low, are protected by the West.

    37 dead? It would need to be 370,000 for even the OSCE and UN to murmur a word about it.

    And now they have everyone distracted by ISIS and Ebola.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Bull Durham | Oct 5, 2014, 13:34
    • You are, and I add this reluctantly absolutely correct. We are living in some very troubled times where human consciences have devolved to a point of deplorable values. Either you live by the US dollar demands, or you die by them. God save Vladimir Putin the last of the old world order.


      Posted by Adam Baum (@Adam1Baum) | Oct 5, 2014, 16:57
  2. Reblogged this on donquijotte and commented:
    Het zijn dus de joden met Kolomoisky en opper rabbijn Filatov die onder aansturing van Israel genocide plannen en plegen in de Oekraine. Ook Lagarde van het IMF is er bij betrokken. Breaking nieuws en desastreus voor de joden en Israel.


    Posted by donquijotte | Oct 6, 2014, 18:47


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