Military Briefings from Igor Strelkov

Igor Strelkov’s Briefings, May 21-22, 2014

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / edited by @GBabeuf & S. Naylor


All right, today’s bulletin will be brief.

At 1300 we again applied mortar fire to a checkpoint en route to Krasny Liman. This lasted ninety minutes. Information in our possession suggests that our opponents suffered the following losses: twelve wounded, damage to two APCs and two mortars.

At 2100 (local time) our opponents started to hit back. They used howitzers (I know the location, but have no means of getting at them), targeting Semenovka. They tried to shell our positions, but, as usual, ended up shelling civilian quarters. (Just like yesterday, when they shelled the town of Vostochny, resulting in three civilians being wounded). Soon after starting the shelling, they brought about an extra APC, which joined in the assault on the city. The fighting near Semenovka is continuing. However, the main news item is a of a slightly different nature.

Today we received another eighty volunteers. Our opponents, on the other hand, received significant reinforcements: over a hundred APCs, trucks and all sorts of other military equipment. [They became so emboldened that] Right Sector “Pravoseki” openly entered Andreevka without hiding their flag—we estimate their number to be about a hundred men. It appears that a full-scale assault on the city is likely inevitable. [Ukrainian Interior Minister] Avakov came in person to observe the troops; he came with a VIP column of armoured vehicles, protected by a personal guard larger than our entire garrison in Slavyansk. We know exactly where the [motherfucker] is sitting, but, likewise, have no means of reaching him. I have difficulty deciding whether I should be concerned or proud.

Almost half of Ukraine’s “unbeatable” army, beefed up with Jaguar and Alpha detachments and police special ops, has been thrown against a poorly armed and virtually untrained Slavyansk garrison, headed by an “ensign-reconstructor” [i.e. Strelkov]. I cannot promise that they will not crush us (it is difficult to oppose overwhelming brute force). But just the fact that they are so afraid of us is worth it! To think of it, they outnumber us by a factor of 20:1 in manpower and 250:4 in armoured vehicles, etc. (don’t even remind me of the aircraft!). It is true what they say: “God is not in brute force, but in Truth!”

On a side note, I had a visit from a “true Ukrainian patriot” who spent much time “eloquently” convincing me to “stop participation in armed aggression”. He is telling me that I  am an AGRESSOR! Funny, that. My grandfather spent a week here, in Krasnoarmeysk, fighting [against the Germans] in February 1943, completely surrounded and besieged on all sides. He fought defending his country and his people. And now, they tell me, I am an “aggressor.” Well, well… I canonot be sure though that this “true Ukrainian patriot” was not being sincere—after all, the majority of Ukrainians are so brainwashed by their media that they cannot distinguish black from white.

I know full well how propaganda works (for example, in Russia), but at least in Russia they mix in lies with the truth. In Ukraine, on the other hand, it is all turned inside out: the more brazen and shameless the lie, the more people believe in it. And that is how my small group of volunteers (now comprised ninety percent of locals) becomes a “horde of terrorist invaders”, “sponsored by Putin “, etc. There is no end to the evil that they attribute to us! The only thing I have not seen yet are accusations that we devour children for dinner. And, of course, how could anyone doubt their claim that all the common folk support “United Ukraine”? It seems bewildering, but people do believe this nonsense!!!! Well, be that as it may, the Germans also believed Goebbels’ propaganda almost to the end. [The Junta] is following in his footsteps…


Just got the news—[there are reports of] fires in Semenovka, and [the Junta forces] are demolishing the Salt Plant (it’s not their property, so they don’t care…).

They are too chickenshit to go after the positions of our militia (they would have to bring the artillery closer and they are too scared). Civilian quarters and industrial infrastructure is a different story—they are always ready to shell civilian installations.

There are also reports of gunfire near Andreevka.

2nd UPDATE (0300, morning, May 22, 2014):

Well, knock on wood, it seems that the Ukies have quieted down a little. They shelled the city with artillery, but did not dare to go ahead with an attack. No losses are reported from our side. I will try to go and get some sleep.



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