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Human kindness and sympathy from Europe to Donbass

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Yesterday, on February 19, we brought humanitarian aid to the town of Perevalsk in the Lugansk People’s Republic.

It has been over six months since I joined the SLAVYANGRAD project, founded by Gleb Bazov. I know that there are so many people from different countries all over the world who support the Donbass. Throughout our time we have received a lot of emails from our readers who wanted to provide the people of Novorossiya with financial support, and asked us to forward their money, but we were never able to deal with such issues.

This humanitarian aid was organised over the course of one week. I was preparing to return home—to my home town of Perevalsk, and, just before doing so, I told my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter: “I am going home and I plan to organise a humanitarian supply to my fellow countrymen in the LPR. Everybody willing to contribute can donate.” To my surprise, many kind people from different countries responded, particularly from Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and France. They were mainly the volunteers from our team and our readers. Continue reading

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