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Military Briefing up to September 21, 2014


Translation by Nataly / Editing by @GBabeuf
Original article here: Anti-Maydan

From the Militia:

The Zhdanovka Cauldron is no more. It seems that, having received a “corridor” from the NAF, the remains of the garrison headed towards Debaltsevo. Uglegorsk is reported to be also occupied by the NAF. The source from Svetlodarsk says that the cannonade from outside of Debaltsevo continued all night long and has not ceased up to the present moment. There is your ceasefire. By the way, today they got mobile connection of MTS [a Ukrainian mobile service operator -ed.]. In the city itself there are neither units of the UAF nor of the NAF. Formally, the city is still considered to be neutral: it is part of another cauldron in Debaltsevo. It looks like the UAF have decided to concentrate the troops in one fist. To what end, tomorrow will tell. Today let us look at Debaltsevo. If they repeat the same trick as in Zhdanovka, it means that under the veil of a truce the UAF are silently retreating, withdrawing the surrounded units from the cauldron. By and large, this is advantageous for both parties. The question of heavy materiel is also interesting. To whom will it be left? As it stands now this is the most painful issue for the UAF. Cannon fodder can still be found, but as for military hardware, the Ukrainians are facing a complete crisis. In twenty-three years of independence, Ukrainian ensigns and generals did more for the victory of the Militia than the Militiamen themselves.

The enemy left a number of settlements in the DPR, but attacks and atrocities still continue. Continue reading

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