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The line of demarcation

Reports from the DPR regarding the agreement with Kiev on the implementation of the line of demarcation, that was reached early in October.


Original article by Colonel Cassad
Translated from Russian by Valentina Lisitsa / Edited by Olga Luzanova & @GBabeuf

“The Prime Minister of the DPR—Alexander Zakharchenko—told journalists that the leaders of the DPR have managed to come to an agreement with Kiev on the line of demarcation.
According to Zakharchenko, both parties have already signed the corresponding treaty. He added that both parties had agreed that the Ukrainian military would “vacate a few towns”, including the settlement of Peski, located in the vicinity of Donetsk Airport.
Zakharchenko also stated that the Ukrainian military have agreed to leave Mariinka and the village of Pervomaiskoe, located in the suburbs of Donetsk. “I cannot say yet what we have given for it, but I can say what we have not got is Slavyansk, Mariupol, Kramatorsk. They remain under the control of Kiev,” said the Prime Minister of the DPR.
At the same time, the media pointed out that from the Ukrainian side there has been no confirmation so far.
In eastern Ukraine, fighting between DPR partisans and Ukrainian troops has taken place since April of this year. The combatants managed to agree on a truce at the beginning of September, which resulted in a reduction in the intensity of the fighting. Nonetheless, armed confrontations continued in several sectors, particularly in the area of Donetsk Airport. Besides, the law on a special status for certain areas of Donbass was adopted this autumn, but has not yet been implemented.
It should be noted that as a result of the truce, the territory outside of the control of the Ukrainian military
has expanded, including a sector between Novoazovsk and Donetsk.
The Ukrainian government explained the withdrawal of its troops as necessary in order to create a “unified front line”. 
[Quoted from Novie Vedomosty]

It is symptomatic that Zakharchenko is unwilling to divulge the minute details of the treaty, which appear to have caused the murky story of the “information blackout”. The reasons for the silence are easy to comprehend: by committing to paper the abandonment of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol, Zakharchenko yet again endorses the documents connected with the Minsk “collusion”, a move that certainly will not garner broad support in Novorossiya, particularly in parts with a high percentage of soldiers coming from the towns being thus abandoned to the Junta. The consequences will not be long in waiting. Continue reading

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