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Laurent Brayard: J’Accuse

Original: Novorossiya Today
Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by @GBabeuf


Laurent Brayard: I was in Donetsk and I Accuse the French Government


I was incredibly lucky to visit for a few days Donbass and Donetsk itself. Thus, I have fulfilled the duty which essentially our government should be obliged to fulfill. Being very limited in my means, with the great support of the people of Donetsk (and not only them), I was able to see firsthand what is happening in this part of Europe which everybody is talking about but which no Frenchman is able to find on a map. I travelled thousands of kilometres to get there, and now I can accuse the French government with greater strength and more right. To remain silent would be criminalit would be to disgrace my name as a Frenchman. The French Government, I accuse you that you are indirectly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in the Donbass, that you contribute to the hardship and terrible living conditions of its people; I accuse you of involvement in the promotion of deceitful, unjust, dirty and outrageous propaganda, whose victims were millions of people. I accuse you of betraying our French traditionsderived not only from the French Revolution but also from the Ancien Régime—the purpose of which are to support and protect the weak and free them from oppression. Exactly how thousands of national volunteers in year II of the Republican calendar marched across all the Europe to win their own and other peoples’ freedom.

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