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Today the only synonym for “peace” is “The Victory of Novorossiya”


On the approaches to Gorlovka

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Translated by Roman / Edited by Olga Luzanova

The Gorlovka-Enakievo junction is the front line of Donbass defence: to the East of these two cities merged into a large agglomeration, there is a big group of the Ukrainian Army in Debaltsevo, which is a real operational threat.

The road block—it is a forward patrol of the Militia at an important crossroads. Its small garrison is ready to meet everyone who decides to break the fragile truce.

“We have the best tea, with honey… Want some?” The Militiamen greet us with these words. The war has not embittered these people—on the contrary, they are willing to share their last crust with their guests as well as with their neighbours.

“We were delivered coal, so we said to the local people to come and take some,” the commander tells us. “Once, a woman came for a help to our roadblock: she had seven children, but they had nothing to eat at home. We packed what we had and gave it to her; we ourselves had to tighten our belts… But that’s all right, it could be worse…”

The township population recognizes the Militiamen as their protectors, although they had to find ways for mutual understanding in the beginning—there are few who would be pleased at the establishment of a military facility next to their house. Continue reading

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