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The Final Exploit of Andrey Stenin

Original article: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Photo credits: Aleksander Kots & Dmitriy Steshin
Translated by @threetimesnine / Edited by @GBabeuf

The war correspondents of KP found the only survivor of the terrible massacre in which the photo reporter of MIA Rossiya Segodnya was killed.

The Road on the Front Line

From the final correspondence with Andrey Stenin:

AS: God’s protecting us, that’s for sure.

KP: What happened?

AS: My emotions are running high. Basically, we passed an Ukrop [term for Ukrainian ultra-nationalists –ed.] ambush, and they took out the car after us. Three of them “200” [Russian military jargon for killed-in-action –ed.].

KP: Where was it?

AS: Near Snezhnoye. We passed them by an arm’s length. We drove to the position on the field, I saw a stirring in the bushes, and a soldier wearing a helmet, hiding a machine-gun in the bushes. I thought it was our secret. I thought the guys in front of us saw it, but they said they didn’t see anyone. We drove past him by a metre. We arrived at the village, the fighters told us only that the car was shot-up. We went to look—and there was the shot-up car with three dead bodies in it. If I’d said straight away that I’d noticed the machine-gunner, we would’ve stopped to look, and would’ve been killed. I didn’t say anything to the Militia in the village, I thought it was their secret. And now I’m sitting and thinking it’s my fault…

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