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Imperial Madness

Preamble: While the various existing journalism codes of conduct vary, most share common foundations that include the principles of—truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability—as these apply to the attainment of newsworthy information and its ensuing dissemination to the public.

The modern-day reality is that the overwhelming majority of current Western main-stream media is deceitful, unfair and connected to a government purpose. The outcome is that a newscast viewed objectively by somebody, may in fact seem rational, and might pass muster simply because the person who took it mistakenly and in good faith believed it to be true. Such a conclusion places form above substance and undermines the entire ethics and standards of journalism. It has become nothing more than propaganda, a means to distribute bias.

Author: Andrey Panevin / Editor: Tiago de Carvalho

Everyday Madness

Every empire, however, tells itself and the world that it is unlike all other empires, that its mission is not to plunder and control but to educate and liberate” –Edward W. Said

Perusing the daily headlines has become somewhat like reading a prologue to global conflict, penned by a madman. Every day there is some new-found elaborate Russian plan to overrun the Ukraine, take control of Syria, or conduct programmes of genocide. It seems that every Western reporter has uncovered a conspiracy of their own that firmly pins the blame for the world’s troubles on Putin or the Russian people; the only problem being that all of their sources remain ‘anonymous’ and their stories cannot be confirmed. These constant, and often contradictory, reports fill social media streams and television screens, and have become the basis for stock phrases such as ‘Russian aggression’ and ‘Western Values’, which politicians need only utter to convince their constituents that they are indeed righteous while the enemy is not. The insanity of Western political and cultural rhetoric is no longer an undercurrent, instead, with disconcerting ease, it has lodged itself into mainstream conversations. A contemporary example is the funding and training of terrorists by the United States and Europe—no longer a notion relegated to conspiracy theory or the occasional intuitive op-ed; instead, it is a reality that is openly discussed at the highest levels of government authority. Furthermore, the constant labelling of countries such as Russia as a threat that is equal to or greater than ISIS can only further confirm that such terror groups are tools used to destabilise regions deemed a threat to US hegemony.

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