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Note: This page will continue to be refined and supplemented with additional resources. The key purpose is to provide a permanent link to the ShoutWiki source maintained by Petri Krohn, where the reconstruction of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 catastrophe will take place. Please attend and provide your input – it is enormously important that we proceed in an organized fashion.



15 thoughts on “Reconstructing #MH17

  1. One cannot have anytrust One cannot trust at all international investigators bought and paid for by those who want war with Russia.

    Did it occur to anyone here that MH370 and MH 17 are the same 777 airliner and that the rotton bodies found on the crash site are those of the former MH370 passengers who disappeared ??

    See site :


    Posted by BAB | Jul 29, 2014, 12:37
  2. Please be cautious about the ShoutWiki Repository (Petri Krohn). Obviously the author(s) of this wiki jump to conclusions very quickly, and some of these conclusions are at least questionable. You will see a very important example in the section “Air-to-air missile?”:
    “It’s confirmed a Grad Missile was used. GRAD Missile downed aircraft.”

    The source given as confirmation of this statement is a YouTube video by France 24 claiming “Ukraine airforce jet shot down by Russian missile.”

    First of all the source is very questionable to say the least. Furthermore there is a strange claim that it is possible to shoot down a plane with GRAD missiles, and this claim is taken as fact by this wiki without further questions..

    There are more inconsistencies in this blog. My personal impression is that this group tries to usurp the MH17 discussion to promote their own agenda. Yes, they are antifascists, but with a specific framing which I don’t share. Cooperate with them, but don’t give them the leading role.


    Posted by Denn Peroni (@roamer43) | Jul 29, 2014, 13:04
  3. The Russians should only trust themselves and guard the intergity of the crash site forbidding any foreign intervention. Let us not forget that this is an international conspiracy against Russia and that it is all important for the ennemy to falsify the truth.


    Posted by BAB | Jul 29, 2014, 13:36
  4. I feel that the Russians being honest are far too trusting and cannot imagine being the targets of a carefully planned western conspiracy.

    For the West the only purpose of peace talks is to gain time to put into place military assets so as to change the military balance to its advantage.
    The Russians, thus hesitating to come to the rescue of Southern and Eastern Ukraine have already lost much precious time. Putin should not have allowed himself to be blackmailed by baseless lies. Western demonization of Russia is working in making Russia hesitant to act.

    Now what have we regarding the recent Boeing 777 crash in Ukraine.
    First it is very important to see that this crash was very carefully planned in order to frame Russia so as to justify sanctions.

    The 8th march Boeing 777 Flight MH370 is hijacked and taken to the Diago Garcia military base in the Indian Ocean with all its passengers and crew. They all disappear. No news from them as yet.

    The 17th July Malaysian Flight MH 17 is cancelled and the same Boeing 777 as flight MH 370 appears in the sky of Ukraine remotely controlled by means of two fighter jets following it. No living person on board only dead corpses.

    When over the Donetsk war zone one of the following fighter jets fired at the 777 damaging one of its engines and making it turn round, shortly before it was finally downed perhaps by a ground to air missile.

    It is extremely important to mention the fact that the bodies found at the crash site were rotten, because this proves beyond any doubt that this was not flight MH17. There is no possible way it was no matter what stories are spun and it’s a great pity that Russian Doctors were not able to thoroughly examine the corpses before they were sent away.


    Posted by BAB | Jul 29, 2014, 19:42
  5. Until good people fully acknowledge that evil exists, it will triumph. The criminals who have gotten control of US govt and other Western govts incl EU are committed to the destruction of Russia because it is an obstacle to a world oligarchy. Members of this conspiracy have repeatedly stated their intention to greatly reduce global population.


    Posted by Penelope Powell | Aug 3, 2014, 23:23
  6. I have see that on StoryLeak, by Michael Thomas: Ukrain military shot down MH17 in false flag operation


    Posted by pierre | Aug 17, 2014, 19:47
  7. Also this one (same idea) by Valentin Vasilescu:


    Posted by pierre | Aug 17, 2014, 19:50
  8. The MH17 incident is one with tremendous propaganda value should the truth ever come to light, but the idea that MH370=MH17 is beyond fanciful.
    I did hear about a few bodies being apparently long dead, but I’ve looked and didn’t hear one word about any of them being Chinese. MH370 carried 50% Chinese passengers, which would surely have been noticed, and you can bet China would be demanding answers of Kiev if that were the case.
    As for the idea that Russia should have immediately secured the crash site and even investigated it itself including the recorders, I agree. The Kremlin should have seen what this was all about and taken measures to prevent shenanigans.


    Posted by Erebus | Aug 18, 2014, 03:21
  9. The first thing to remember is that the US and the West are much more satanic and evil than one imagines.

    Ukraine Wreckage ‘Not MH17’but Actually the Lost MH370
    By Reissa Su | July 26, 2014 5:52 PM EST
    The recent and tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 that killed 298 people may have filled the news along with the other aircraft fatalities of TransAsia and Air Algerie but no one has forgotten about the mysterious disappearance of MH370.
    Several conspiracy theories have already surfaced in social media. Although some were impossible and outrageous, others have become so believable that they have been shared countless times on social media feeds.
    Since the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17, one conspiracy theory began circulating with the eye-catching headline – “MH17 was in fact the ‘lost’ flight MH370.” The individual/s behind the theory believes that the missing MH370 was actually the MH17.
    The aircraft was shot down when it was flying over Ukraine on July 17 and crashed with no survivors. According to the viral MH17 conspiracy account, MH370 was “hijacked” before it disappeared from radar. The hijackers may have safely landed the plane somewhere.
    U.S. military base Diego Garcia is allegedly within reach from the spot where MH370 lost contact with ground control. Phillip Wood, one of the passengers of MH370, had reportedly sent a photo taken by his iPhone which he hid from hijackers. The metadata on the image revealed Diego Garcia as his location.
    The “MH17 was actually the lost MH370” theory also blamed the U.S. Secret Service since they have the ability to take control of the MH370 plane and set up a “false flag operation.”
    After news of the MH17 aircraft broke, Russia had lost support and credibility because of the U.S. propaganda.
    Conspiracy theorists claimed that the crashed plane wreckage in Ukraine had a different configuration of windows than the actual MH17.
    The MH17 plane had an extra window found next to the second right-side door. Both the wreckage in Ukraine and MH370 did not have the extra window as supposedly found on the MH17 plane.
    Another “proof” claimed by conspiracy theorists is the window matching the flag on MH370. Conspiracy theorists believe the same feature is found on the wreckage in Ukraine and not in the actual MH17 plane.
    According to independent journalist Jim Stone, the MH370 plane was new and never repainted. He said the plane that was shot down on Ukraine was MH370 and not MH17 based on the way how the flag is positioned on both planes.
    According to reports, a rebel leader had described the bodies found in the Ukraine wreckage as “rotten corpses” and “drained of blood.” The pro-Russia rebel commander has suggested that many of the people inside the plane have “died days before the plane took off.” People who were allegedly at the crash site reported seeing bodies that were already “decomposing”.
    As the wreckage of MH370 remains undiscovered, more and more conspiracy theories have gone viral in social media. Only time can tell which one of them is the closest thing to the truth.
    To contact the editor, e-mail:

    See Also


    Posted by BAB | Aug 20, 2014, 23:06
  10. FYI, I’ve been maintaining sequential archives of articles and links on the MH370, MH17, and Ukraine conflicts from the beginning of each. Lists of links are here:

    With MH17, I’ve been kicking myself that when I saw the youtube video, on the day it was posted by the Kiev Interior Ministry, claiming to be a recording by separatists talking about shooting down MH17, I didn’t bother to save a copy. Arrgh! Because others later claimed that video contained timestamp information proving it had been edited together around 20 hours before MH17 was downed. Thus absolutely proving the Kiev government was responsible, and had planned the operation as a false flag, to be pinned on the separatists.
    Of course the video was very quickly removed.
    Does anyone know where I can find a full, uncut, unaltered copy of that video?
    By now any such copy can no longer be considered solid evidence, since it might have been tampered with in the meantime. But I’d still like to examine it closely for my own interest. I wish I’d taken the trouble to copy that video back then. I usually do make copies of such things, but that time was lazy. Such bad luck. If I had made an original copy myself, direct from the Ukraine interior Ministry youtube channel, before anyone had noticed the ‘whoops, OMG the timestamps’ problem, I’d be making a signed statutory declaration to local police, of that irrefutable evidence of mass murder of all aboard MH17 by the Kiev government.



    Posted by terrahertz | Sep 1, 2014, 04:24
  11. If the MH17 flight was actually cancelled so that the MH370 corpses could go down in Ukraine as a false flag event, then where are the living MH17 people listed on the manifesto/list of passengers? And what about their relatives and the people that knew/know them, etc.? There were two large groups of people nearing 300 of them for each plane, so what do these conspiracies say to address this issue?


    Posted by Wren Owens | Sep 4, 2014, 05:49
  12. ukrainian false flag murder on mh17 in an effort to get nato into ukraine



    Posted by Barry Hamill | Sep 6, 2014, 03:51
  13. TO BARRY HILL. It is now well known to all those who are not brain dead that MH 17 is an Ukrainian , CIA, Mossad false flag operation and that the 777 was taken down by two fighter jets.


    Posted by BAB | Sep 6, 2014, 11:16
  14. I believe that may be a fansinaticg element, it made me assume a bit.Thanks for sparking my considering cap. Sometimes I find out such a ton from a rut that I just feel along the lines of a record.


    Posted by Carley | May 30, 2017, 21:08

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