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“The March of Heroes”

upaV1 Banderite atocities. Proud of being merciless.

Preamble: “The March of Heroes”—a torchlight procession of Right Sector activists—took place today in Odessa. It was arranged by two nationalist social and political organisations: Social-Nationalist Assembly (SNA) and the social organisation “Patriot of Ukraine”. They were joined by fighters of the Azov Battalion, who had returned to civilian life from the ATO zone as a result of the recent troop rotation. Azov is staffed by activists of the SNA and, according to the organisers of the march, “it was initially considered a Right Sector battalion.” Right Sector football fans and other “patriotic youth” also participated in the procession. The march has threatened to become the main event in the city of late. A “March of Heroes” was also held in Kiev and Kharkov. It is not yet clear what the consequences are for the residents of those cities. We will probably find out later. However, we take this opportunity to recall some of the “heroic deeds” engraved in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army’s history.

Original article by Voennoe Obozrenie
Translated from Russian by Valentina Lisitsa / Edited by O.C. and @Gbabeuf

On October 14, on the occasion of the anniversary of the foundation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA), members of the UIA decided to make an exotic gift to their “general”—five severed heads, freshly cut from Poles. The general was mightily pleased with both the gift itself and the creativity of his subordinates. This kind of zeal shocked even seasoned Germans. The Commissioner General of Volhinya District, Obergruppenführer Schenne pleaded with Bishop Polikarp Sikorsky to restrain his congregation: “Nationalist bandits conduct their activity by attacking unarmed, defenseless Poles. According to our calculations up to today at least fifteen thousand Polish people have been slaughtered. Yanova Dolina settlement no longer exists.”

In the records kept by the “Galychyna” Division of the SS, we read: “March 20, 1944. We were notified of a certain Ukrainian insurgent, originally from Volhinya, but now rumoured to be in Galicia, who was boasting that he himself, “armed” with just a noose, had single-handedly strangled three hundred Poles. He is considered a hero.”

The Poles have published dozens of tomes containing similar facts of this genocide. None of which have yet been refuted by the Banderites. Similar stories about the Armia Krajowa [Home Army, Polish resistance forces -ed.] could fill no more than a single notebook. Countless questions have anyway been raised regarding the veracity of many of the latter allegations, concocted as an exculpatory footnote to UIA-OUN crimes.

To the credit of the Polish side, in publicizing the accounts of the atrocities they took great care to record acts of compassion demonstrated by Ukrainian men and women. To cite just one such example: in the village of Virka (Kostopolsky District) Mrs. Francisca Dziekanska was carrying her five year old little girl, Jadzia, when she was fatally wounded by a Banderite bullet. The same bullet that killed the mother also wounded the little child’s leg. For ten days the little girl stayed beside her dead mother, surviving by eating ears of wheat. A Ukrainian teacher finally rescued the girl.

In doing so, the kind man very likely knew what the cost of such a good deed towards “foreigners” could be. After all, in the same area, the Banderites slaughtered two Ukrainian children simply because they had been adopted by a Polish family. Three year old Stasik Pavlyuk, held by the legs, had his head smashed against the wall.

The same horrible fate awaited those Ukrainians who showed no animosity to the liberators of the Soviet Army. OUN [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, led by Bandera -ed.] member Ivan Revenyuk (nicknamed “Gordiy”) later testified: “At night time they brought in a young girl of about seventeen or maybe even less, a simple village girl from Khmyzovo. She was accused of attending dance parties along with other village girls at the time when a unit of the Red Army was stationed in the village. The militiaman Kubik (ranking commander of UIA battalion “Tury”) asked permission to interrogate her personally. He demanded that she confess to “mingling” with enemy soldiers. The girl swore by God and the saints that nothing improper had ever happened. He replied with a smile, “let’s check it out,” while sharpening a pine stake with his knife. After that he proceeded to impale her on a stake driven through her genitals.

One night the bandits attacked the ethnic Ukrainian-populated village of Lozovoye and slaughtered over a hundred of its inhabitants in less than two hours. At the home of the Dyagun family the Banderites cut down three children. The smallest one, four year old Vladislav, had his arms and legs hacked off. In the Makukha family home the murderers found two children, three year old Ivasik and ten month old Josif. The little toddler, awoken in the middle of the night, smiled broadly at the stranger picking him up, and giggled, showing four brand new baby teeth. The merciless butcher sliced the child’s head off with a knife, then returned to his brother and butchered the three year old with an axe.

One night, the Banderites kidnapped an entire family from the village of Volkovyia, and brought them to the forest, to be tortured just for the sadistic pleasure of the bandits. Upon seeing that the wife of the head of the household was pregnant, they cut her belly open, tore out the unborn child and replaced it with a live rabbit.

“In their brutality they exceeded even the sadistic German SS. They torture our people, our villagers. Don’t we know how they butcher little children, smash their heads against stone walls, spattering the brains? Horrific atrocities are perpetrated by these rabid wolves,” pleaded Yaroslav Galan [Ukrainian writer, anti-fascist, exposed Banderite crimes, killed in 1948 in his own house in Lvov, his body found chopped up by an axe -ed.]. Other Ukrainian groups—the Melnyk faction of the OUN [Andrey Melnyk, the founder of the OUN back in the 1920s, who objected to Nazism and violence, and was pushed out of the OUN by Bandera -ed.], the UIA faction of “Bulba”-Borowets [a faction that refused to participate in the genocide of Poles -ed.], the government of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic in exile, the Canada based United Hetman Organization [conservative monarchists -ed.]—all denounced the atrocities committed by the Banderites in similarly angry terms.

Even though it is too late for the victims, at least some of the participants in the atrocities are now beginning to repent their crimes. In January, 2004, an elderly woman came to the editors of “Sovetskaya Luganschina”, a local Lugansk newspaper—she handed them a package, in the name of her recently deceased female friend. The visitor explained to the journalists that she was fulfilling the last request of her friend, born in Volhynia, an active Banderite in her past, but who—at the end of her life—came to realize what she has done and decided that, by her confession, she could at least make a small step in paying for her unforgivable sins.


“I, the undersigned, Nadezhda Timofeevna Vdovichenko, native of Volhynia… I beg you to grant me and my family forgiveness posthumously, because as you read this I will be no more (I trust my best friend with the mission to deliver my testimony).

We were five siblings in the family—all of us ardent Banderites: my brother Stepan, myself, my sisters Anna, Olya and Nina. We all joined Bandera. In the daytime we rested in our huts; during the night we would drive or walk to neighbouring villages. We were given an assignment to strangle anyone who was harbouring runaway captured Russians, as well as those Russians. But it was a man’s task. We girls just sorted the clothes and household goods, took care of the livestock of those killed—slaughtered the animals, skinned and butchered them, cooked, salted, packed them… Once during a single night in the village of Romanovo, they strangled eighty-four human beings. Well, they strangled the adults and elderly, but children—we would simply pick them up by their legs, swing them against the wall—and finished, time to go. We felt very sorry for our men—they were so overworked with such a hard task, the daytime was barely enough for them to regain their strength and resume the killings the next night. There were those who tried to hide. If we did not find any men we would start with the women.

In the village of Verkhovka, the wife of Tilimon Kovalchuk refused to tell us where he was hiding. She did not even want to open the door to us but we threatened her and she had to let us in. We told her: “We just need to chat with your husband, we are not going to harm you.” She said that he was hiding in a haystack. We dragged him out and beat him up until he expired. They had two children, very nice kids—Stepan and Olya were their names, twelve and fourteen years old…. The young girl, we just tore her in half. It spared us the effort of killing her mother—she died of a heart attack on the spot. We took strong healthy guys in our ranks—strangling is no easy task. Two brothers Levchuki from the village of Verkhovka, Nicolay and Stepan, refused to strangle people, ran away and returned home. We condemned them to capital punishment. When we came to their house to pick them up for execution, their father said, “If you are taking my sons, take me too.” Kalyna, his wife, stepped forward and said, “If you are taking my husband, take me too.” We took an entire family; led them away. On the way Nicolay’s sister, Nadya, pleaded with us to let him go. Nicolay answered her, “Don’t plead, Nadya, don’t humiliate yourself, Bandera never showed mercy to anyone.” We killed Nicolay, his father, mother, Nadya. We kept Stepan alive, and took him along; he was imprisoned for two weeks—it was winter time—in an unheated barn, with no clothes other than underwear, severely beaten daily with iron ramrods; we wanted him to tell us where the other members of the family were hiding. But he was strong-willed, he did not betray them. The last evening, after we beat him yet again, he asked to go to the outhouse. The guard took him, but there was a huge blizzard; the outhouse was made from straw, Stepan broke through the straw and escaped from our clutches. All the information was given to us by Verkhovka locals: Petro Rimarchuk, Zhabsky, Puch.

…We were informed that in the village of Novoselki, Rivne oblast, there was a girl who had joined the Komsomol. Motrya was her name. We took her to Verkhovka. The old man Zhabsky pulled the heart out of the still living girl, with a stopwatch in his other hand—to measure how long the heart would keep beating in his hand. Later, after the Russians had come, his sons wanted to set up a monument to him, saying he had fought for Ukraine.

There was a Jewish girl, with a little child—she had run away from the ghetto. We ambushed her in the forest, butchered her and buried her right there… One of our Banderite guys befriended some Polish girls. When the news got out, he was ordered to kill them. He obeyed the order by drowning them in a stream. Their mother came, crying, asking if anybody had seen her girls who had gone missing. I told her, “No, not really. But let’s go look for them together.” I took her to the same place where her daughters had been drowned and pushed her into the stream as well. We were given orders to kill all Jews, all Poles, all Russians, any runaway prisoners of war and those who aided them. Kill them all—without mercy. We went after the Severin family, strangled them all. But their daughter was away—married, she was living in another village. She soon returned and, wailing over her dead parents, she proceeded to unearth the valuables her family had hidden underground. The Banderites came, took away the unearthed goods, put her in the same box she had just dug out and buried her alive in it. She left two small children at home. If she would have taken them along, the children would have ended up in the same box. There was someone in our village named Kublyuk. He was sent [by the Soviet authorities -ed.] to the town of Kotov, in Kivertsy district, to work. He had not completed his first week in the new job when his head was chopped off. The guy next door, Vasily, very much in love with Koublyuk’s daughter Sonya, protected her. He was given the order from the Banderites to kill her, or else… Vasily said to Sonya, “I am going to the forest to chop some wood. Come with me.” She did. He brought her back dead. His explanation was that she was killed by a falling tree.

There was a very ancient man in our village, named Timofey Oytsyus. People honoured him as God’s prophet, for he was never wrong in his predictions. When the Germans arrived, the fame of this clairvoyant reached even them. They would visit him respectfully, asking him to prophesy about their future. He replied, “I don’t dare to find out because what if it is bad—are you going to kill me?” Via the translator, the Germans promised that no harm would be done to him whatever he might say. Then the old man meditated and told them, “You will reach Moscow very quickly, but you will run from Moscow even quicker.” The Germans kept their world and let him be. But when the old man told the Banderites that their slaughter of innocent Ukrainians would not bring them victory they savagely beat him until he passed away.

Now I want to talk about my family. My brother Stepan was an ardent follower of Bandera, but I did not lag behind and fought for the Banderites even though I was married. When the Russians came, they started arresting people, sending them into exile. Our family was proscribed too. My sister Olya made a deal with the Soviets before the departure, agreeing to cooperate with them. The Soviets let her go but the same night the Banderites came and strangled her. My father, mother and sister, Nina, ended up in Russia. My parents were already old and weak, my sister, Nina, the only able-bodied member of the family, flatly refused to work “for Russians”. They even offered her a good clean secretarial job but she said that she would never hold anything Soviet—even a pen—in her hand. They were still trying to make her relent, saying “Okay, you don’t want to work—fine. We can let you go back home—but only if you agree to cooperate with us and bring the murderers to justice.” She signed the deal, without even thinking very hard (and without intending to abide by it). The moment she set foot back in her village, the Banderites were waiting for her. They called a secret meeting and at that meeting they condemned her to die, “to show everyone what awaits the traitors.” Until this day I do not know what they did to her.

All my life I have carried a heavy burden in my heart—I trusted Bandera, I could have killed anybody who said one wrong word about the Banderites. Cursed people, may they be damned by God and by humankind for eternity! How many innocent lives did they destroy? And now they demand to be called “the defenders of Ukraine”? From whom they were “defending” Ukraine? From their own kin? Soulless bastards! How much blood is on their hands, how many did they bury alive? Even those who were back then sent into exile—they do not want to return to this accursed land of Bandera.

I implore you, people, forgive my sins.”

[Letter published in “Sovetskaya Luganschina”, January 2004, #1]

Here is a list of documented atrocities against civilians—the tortures and murders perpetrated by the OUN-UIA members—according to official investigation records.

  1. Nailing a big thick nail into the skull.1267077433_rys8b
  2. Scalping (tearing away of skin and hair from the head).
  3. Hitting the skull with the handle of an axe.
  4. Hitting the forehead with the handle of an axe.
  5. Carving out an “eagle” on the forehead.
  6. Nailing a bayonet into the temple of a victim.
  7. Knocking-out of an eye.
  8. Knocking-out of both eyes.
  9. Amputation of the nose.
  10. Amputation of an ear.
  11. Amputation of both ears.
  12. Spearing a child with a stake.
  13. Transfixing the head with a sharpened thick wire stretched from one ear to another.
  14. Amputation of lips.
  15. Amputation of the tongue.
  16. Slitting the throat.
  17. Slitting the throat and pulling out the tongue through the wound.1267077583_9-5
  18. Slitting the throat and inserting a snip into the wound.
  19. Knocking-out teeth.
  20. Breaking the jaw.
  21. Tearing off the mouth from ear to ear.
  22. Stuffing the mouth with tow while transporting still alive victims.
  23. Slitting the neck with a knife or a sickle.
  24. Striking the neck with an axe.
  25. Сleaving the head with an axe.
  26. Rotating the head 180 degrees backwards.
  27. Crushing the head, gripped in a vice, tightening the clamps around it.
  28. Decapitation with a sickle.
  29. Decapitation with a scythe.
  30. Decapitation with an axe.
  31. Stabbing the neck with an axe.
  32. Inflicting stab wounds to the head.
  33. Slicing off narrow strips of skin from the back.
  34. Inflicting other types of chopped wounds to the back.
  35. Sticking the back with a bayonet.
  36. Breaking ribs.
  37. Hitting with a knife or a bayonet at heart or near it.
  38. For women—amputation of the bust with a sickle
  39. Amputation of the bust and sprinkling the wounds with salt.
  40. For men—amputation of genitalia with a sickle.
  41. Sawing the body of a victim in half with a carpenter saw.
  42. Inflicting stab wounds to the body of a victim with a knife or a bayonet.
  43. Piercing pregnant woman’s belly with a bayonet.
  44. For adults—slitting the belly and pulling out the intestines.
  45. Slitting the belly of a woman in late pregnancy and replacing the foetus, for instance with a cat or a rabbit, with subsequent suturing up of the wound.
  46. Slitting the belly and pouring boiling water inside.
  47. Slitting the belly, putting stones inside of it and throwing the victim into the river.
  48. Slitting the belly of a pregnant woman, filling it up with broken glass shards.
  49. Pulling out the sinews from groin to heels.
  50. Inserting red-hot iron rods into vagina or anus.
  51. Inserting pine cones, narrow tip forward, into victim’s vagina.
  52. Inserting a sharpened stake into the vagina and pushing it until it comes out at the throat.
  53. Slitting a female torso with garden scissors, from the vagina to the neck, pulling the intestines out.
  54. Hanging a victim up by the intestines.
  55. Insertion of a glass bottle into the vagina, and breaking the bottle.
  56. Insertion of a glass bottle into the anus, and breaking the bottle.
  57. Slitting the belly, filling it with animal feed, exposing a victim to starving pigs which eat the feed along with victim’s intestines.
  58. Chopping off an arm with an axe.
  59. Chopping off both arms with an axe.
  60. Piercing the palm of the hand with a knife.
  61. Amputation of fingers with a knife.
  62. Amputation of a hand.
  63. Burning the palm of a hand on a superheated coal furnace.
  64. Chopping off the heel of a foot.
  65. Chopping off the whole foot.
  66. Fracturing hand bones with a blunt instrument at multiple points.
  67. Fracturing leg bones with a blunt instrument at multiple points.
  68. Sawing a torso, restrained by planks, half-and-half with a carpenter saw.
  69. Sawing a torso half-and-half with a rip saw.
  70. Amputation of both legs with a saw.
  71. Sprinkling red-hot coal over tied legs.
  72. Nailing hands to a table, and feet to the floor.
  73. Nailing the victim’s hands and feet to the cross in a Catholic church.
  74. Striking the back of a head with an axe, victims put lying on the ground.
  75. Inflicting axe wounds all over the body.
  76. Quartering of the whole body with an axe
  77. Breaking bones of lower and upper extremities with a specially invented device.
  78. Nailing a small child’s tongue to a table, so that the child is hanged up by the tongue.
  79. Quartering a child with a knife, throwing the body parts all around.
  80. Tearing open a child’s belly.
  81. Nailing a small child to a table with a bayonet.
  82. Hanging a male child by his genitalia from a door handle.
  83. Knocking out the leg joints of a child.
  84. Knocking out the arm joints of a child.
  85. Smothering a child by rags put over the face.
  86. Throwing a live child into a deep well.
  87. Throwing a live child into a burning house.
  88. Smashing babies’ heads by dashing them, held by the feet, against a wall or a furnace.
  89. Impaling a child on a stake.
  90. Hanging a monk up by his feet at the pulpit in a Catholic church.
  91. Hanging a woman up by her feet on a tree, followed by amputation of bust and tongue, tearing open her belly, gouging her eyes and cutting out pieces of her flesh with a knife.
  92. Nailing a small child to a door.
  93. Hanging a victim up on a tree.
  94. Hanging a victim up on a tree by the feet.
  95. Throwing a victim into a lighted bonfire, while girls are dancing around and singing songs accompanied by live music from an accordionist.
  96. Piercing a body with a stake, attaching it to the ground.
  97. Tying a victim to a tree and shooting at him or her as at a target.
  98. Taking a victim, naked or in only underwear, out in the severe frost.
  99. Smothering a victim with a lathered noose.
  100. Dragging a body on the ground, tied by a noose around the neck.
  101. Tying up a woman with feet and hands to two trees, slitting her from groin to breast.
  102. Tearing up the torso of a victim with chains.
  103. Dragging a victim, tied to a carriage, along a roadway.
  104. Dragging along the roadway a mother and her three small children—arranged in the following way: one leg of the mother is tied to the carriage; a leg of the eldest child is tied to the other leg of his mother; a leg of the younger child is tied to another leg of the eldest etc.
  105. Transfixing a body with a carbine barrel.
  106. Сonstriction of a victim with barbed wire.
  107. Сonstriction of several victims together with barbed wire.
  108. Recurrent tying up of a body with barbed wire and regularly drenching with ice water every few hours, in order to bring round the victim and to continue painful torture.
  109. Burying a victim in the ground up to the neck and leaving them in such position.
  110. Burying a victim in the ground up to the neck with subsequent decapitation with a scythe.
  111. Tearing a victim apart by tying the body to two horses and driving them apart.
  112. Throwing adults into a burning house.
  113. Setting aflame a victim doused with flammable liquid.
  114. Laying round a victim sheaves of straw, setting him or her aflame—so-called “Nero’s torch”.1267077687_9-2
  115. Jabbing a knife into a victim’s back, leaving it inside the wound.
  116. Sticking a baby on a pitchfork and throwing it into the bonfire.
  117. Cutting off the skin from a victim’s face with a blade.
  118. Nailing oak stakes along victim’s rib bones.
  119. Hanging a victim up on barbed wire.
  120. Tearing the skin off the body of a victim, pouring ink or boiling water over the wounds.
  121. Tying a victim to a pier, with subsequent using for knife-throwing practice.
  122. Tying up the hands with barbed wire.
  123. Inflicting mortal blows with a spade.
  124. Nailing the hands to the threshold of a house.
  125. Dragging a victim along the roadway with legs tied.


42 thoughts on ““The March of Heroes”

  1. I cannot “like” this, but the information is valuable.

    Amazing that, after all these years, generations of Ukrainians, with no immediate experience of WW2, are virtually the same as their grandparents.

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    Posted by gerryhiles | Oct 15, 2014, 00:32
    • Most of them were raised and/or educated by the people who actually committed these crimes, after being spirited away from justice by Uncle Sam and the UK at the end of the war.

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      Posted by babeuf79 | Oct 15, 2014, 00:58
      • Figures, I should have known, what with “Operation Paperclip” and other perverse deals.


        Posted by gerryhiles | Oct 15, 2014, 02:30
      • Off-topic, but is it true that Donbass is shipping coal to Kiev instead of keeping for their own winter w/o gas & electricity? Is it true that they have begun to pay taxes to Kiev, when Kiev should be paying reparations– or at least reconstruction? Niqnaq says these things, and I no longer know what to think. It appears there is no ceasefire. Also that until Kiev has paid Russia what is owed them for gas they have Russia’s ‘good behavior’ doing nil about Kiev’s attacks). Does anyone have the answers to my questions?


        Posted by Penelope Powell | Oct 21, 2014, 02:58
  2. Gold medal standard of heinousness. Thank you for the document. I am looking forward to tying some brain dead apologist for cruelty and genocide to a chair and slowly reading this to them. During my five years in Viet Nam, ’66 – ’70, a big chunk spent finding and evacuating war wounded children, I cam across evidence of the same sorts of crimes (see Kill Anything That Moves – Nick Turse) the difference being that the crimes were not in service of a specific ideology – mostly. We are describing people who are functional psychopaths. Most of them, statistically, had to have been biologically normal. Their psychopathy had to have been conditioned. No doubt much of the leadership would have been found biologically psychopathic were the MRI test been available and used.

    It would be fascinating to have data on some of today’s Banderites. Though the selfies they publish, posing with knives and hatchets, are suggestive of the same phenomena having reasserted itself in today’s Ukraine, it would be nice to have some MRI studies to see if this sort of behavior is biological in some cases. As a physician I recognize the ethical dilemma of submitting prisoners to a specialized MRI meant to show they had a brain anomaly that caused their behavior, so I would expect the test to be offered voluntary. If I understand this ideology correctly, they would be proud of the fact if the study showed that they lacked the ability to form a conscience or experience moral restraint.


    Posted by hruhs | Oct 15, 2014, 03:15
    • Hruhs, it’s my understanding of our current state of knowledge that brain abnormalities associated with psychopaths may be induced by very early exposure to extreme physical abuse, not so?


      Posted by Cass | Oct 15, 2014, 05:13
      • That is the controversy. It is a developmental defect apparently, but where along the way it happens is undetermined. Many three year olds can be very self centeredly aggressive and have few internal restraints, like a psychopath, but can be sympathetic. Then there are the wild apparent discrepancies between ethnic groups that suggests a genetic component. The various psychological surveys are probably culture bound. The MRI thing is relatively new. The scientific literature is hard to follow because, without institutional backing it is too expensive, so there may be new data from the MRI, which is the gold standard, looking at sub populations like early abuse. My bias from working with child abuse is that it does not cause psychopathy. It seems to be a random thing arising in every grouping. But the important thing is to find them and control the destructive ones. Certainly we should be testing people in line for responsibility for others. Politicians certainly, but also those with control over large amounts of money, and med school applicants, people applying to the bar, etc.

        Teaching the public is a good idea too. There have been some good general audience books, my favorite, The Sociopath Next Door by Stout (sociopath and psychopath are identical terms).


        Posted by hruhs | Oct 15, 2014, 05:57
        • I once studied Anthropology and, in particular, tribes in Papua/New Guinea, who were mostly peaceful, BUT one person typically fomented trouble with a neighbouring tribe or clan and, though it might have taken five years, he would eventually cause a war, though always brief and with few casualties.

          Similar applied to other tribes around the world, so my conclusion was/is that some people are born psychopaths, but can infect others over time … the rotten apple.

          I also observe that babies are born with distinct personalities, with the easiest being fairly placid and undemanding, whilst the most difficult can drive a parent nuts, despite being treated equally with other siblings.

          Over the years I have been forced to conclude that some people are “born evil” and it only takes one to infect many more who are borderline.

          There is a “design fault” in our species, but which can be observed in other species too, like the bully seagull who insists on a fight, even though there is plenty of food to go around.

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          Posted by gerryhiles | Oct 15, 2014, 07:05
      • In the Middle Ages , to produce men who were good and gruesome hand-to-hand combat they practiced ‘fostering’, where boys at age 8 were sent to live with a different family to be trained, raised to manhood. The idea was that the parents would be too tender with him. Also there are lots of stories about how US elites, banksters are often raised w/o parental love and attention on purpose so that they will be less compassionate and can therefore fit into the feudalistic plan for world domination in which they should identify only w their own class, look upon others as expendable. While what is related in this article is hideous, is it really any less psychopathic to , for example, deprive the Iraqi populations of necessities which cause 500k children to die?


        Posted by Penelope Powell | Oct 21, 2014, 03:11
  3. This might be a worthy follow-up translation:


    (Via Yalensis, commenter at the Kremlin Stooge.)

    To my mind a good indication of what it takes to “put down” the dogs of war.

    A long way to go.


    Posted by Tim Owen | Oct 15, 2014, 03:32
    • Lots of similarities, not just brutality and bestiality part with Croatian Ustase movement.
      Check work of Avro Manhattan, The Vatican’s Holocaust, for example for more info.

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      Posted by Krajina | Oct 15, 2014, 19:39
  4. Thank you for this brief report of atrocities committed by those Bandera-Fascists during and after WW2. What makes such reports even more important is the fact that the very same fascist ideology is now supported by the US and the EU who brought thos Banderists to power last winter. Keeping the history of that movement in memory we all know what the future in Nazi-occupied Ukraine will have in store for the civilian population.
    There is no way of reasoning with such evil forces. It´s either them or us. We have to fight them by any means necessary1 It´s our responsibility towards present and future generations to defeat fascism once and for all! That´s wwhat the war in Eastern Ukraine is all about and what we need to achieve in the global context. To hell with fascism and imperialism! To hell with Banderastan! Long live the free people of Novorossiya and Ukraine!


    Posted by John Seko | Oct 15, 2014, 08:40
  5. Reblogged this on Where do We go from Here? and commented:
    Candidate for EU?


    Posted by Sisyphus47 | Oct 15, 2014, 10:56
  6. It is important to note that these Banderites are an evil species. To teach your children to hate and to hide their dastardly deeds is completely immoral. It is self evident today that this trend continues with these people. It’s a shame that their blindness and ignorance will ultimately destroy their beloved Ukraine. Ukraine couldn’t build enough psychiatric institutions to house all these psychopaths, may the well being of the sane be protected. This is what the USA is supporting in Ukraine today, courtesy of Victoria Nuland.


    Posted by Nick Terentieff | Oct 15, 2014, 19:18
  7. A parade of despicable jackasses….


    Posted by James Howard Trusty | Oct 16, 2014, 00:06
  8. “We felt very sorry for our men—they were so overworked with such a hard task, the daytime was barely enough for them to regain their strength and resume the killings the next night.


    We were given orders to kill all Jews, all Poles, all Russians, any runaway prisoners of war and those who aided them. Kill them all—without mercy.


    I trusted Bandera, I could have killed anybody who said one wrong word about the Banderites.” [Nadezhda Timofeevna Vdovichenko]

    That about sums it up, what is sufficient and essential for a human being to become a genocidal mass murderer:

    1) clear-cut definition of the friendly and the enemy groups.
    2) compassion for the friendly group of self-identity (‘our men’) – and ideologically induced hate for the enemy group (‘Jews/Poles/Russians/POW/traitors’).
    3) the order to punish sadistically and kill the enemy without exceptions.

    Vdovichenko’s account of the ‘one wrong word about the Banderites’, which would have been sufficient for her to kill ‘anybody’, is indicative for the way human political groupings (where the order of power between humans is codified) as SOCIAL-CULTURAL PHENOMENA work.

    The social-cultural human group transcends any biological predispositions of individuals towards mental disorders (like sadism/psychopathy) and builds up a network of gratification/punishment mechanics, which are often sufficient to keep ANY group member in line – just by the group dynamics of PHYSICAL/EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL POWER & FEAR.

    In the vast majority of all cases humans will (try to) kill other humans, if threatened by serious harm in case of opposition. That’s entirely a question of POLITICAL IDEAS – just WORDS, WHICH KILL, IF FOLLOWED DILIGENTLY. It has not so much to do with biological systems, but with cultural systems, which are of different (more complex) type.

    The manifestation of a genocide after its ideological ignition is a mere question of peer pressure, willpower, organization and HABITS like the USAGE OF TOOLS (axes). A lot of humans get used to the most sadistic practices of torture/killing pretty fast, if the political setting and ideological framing of the situation allow them to SHIFT THEIR ‘FRAME OF (ethical) REFERENCE’ (Harald Welzer) to stabilize their consciousness: ‘well, in those times, they were ONLY Jews/Poles/Russians’ – that means: non-humans/objects.

    Very typical of the genocidal situation is the self-pity of the murderer, who feels like being victimized by hard WORKING CONDITIONS, as the killing of human beings, even (small) children, is perceived as just a dutiful job like cutting wood. Therefore the smashing of childrens’ heads by the Banderites is exactly the same method by the SS in Auschwitz, where the smashing against the chassis of the Lastkraftwagen is just a matter of saving time and the experience, that only dead or numbed children do not ’cause problems’ by climbing out of the burning pits (of Summer 1944).


    Posted by Historian | Oct 16, 2014, 03:22
  9. Years ago, I was browsing in a bookstore and ended up reading an entry in a psychology book that said that in cases of extreme abuse, a factor that allowed some to rise above it was whether or not someone in their lives acknowledged that what they were experiencing was as bad as it felt. Cults surround kids with people all telling them that the abuse they are experiencing is good for them, and there is no one to confirm that their perceptions are correct and that the cult is wrong. These Banderites have been festering for generations, all training their young in this extraordinary cruelty and xenophobia, apparently. Manufactured psychopaths, by all evidence.


    Posted by zapster | Oct 16, 2014, 04:39
    • Yep, right, @Zapster, you could compare extremist political groups with a genocidal agenda as some form of brainwashing cult. Opposing society members could become very desperate, if the AVERAGE mindset of the society is leaning or shifting towards the extremist agenda, often without even noticing the cultural/ideological large-scale transformation – like in Germany 1933-45 (and the years after …). The point is though, that EVERY member of society is targetable by extremist agendas all the time – and he/she must be no ‘natural’ psychopath to act like one, according to the ‘new rules’ of the radicalized society.


      Posted by Historian | Oct 16, 2014, 20:29
      • Collective madness is a political necessity to achieve power, behind this driving madness is always the same group: oligarchs.


        Posted by Obi-Juan | Oct 17, 2014, 13:02
  10. It’s not possible to believe these allegations. Who made them, and why?

    The “confession” of “Nadezhda Timofeevna Vdovichenko”. Who can believe that? It’s a total fairy tale! “The young girl, we just tore her in half”. Really? How do you tear someone in half? Even tearing off arms and legs is very difficult.

    There are a lot of tall tales here. Anyone can make up stories of atrocities. How have these been documented? What is the response of the Banderists to these allegations?


    Posted by Skeptic | Oct 16, 2014, 10:52
    • Your questions are utterly lame, to say the least. There are also people who are unable to accept that the Holocaust stories are factual. What are the Nazis’s response to these ”allegations”?

      Not that I preclude exaggerations or propaganda, but some facts are undisputed. In this case, the WWII Ukrainian nationalists’ atrocities.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by CONSTANTINE | Nov 2, 2014, 13:57
  11. Dear Olga.

    Thank you for posting this. It is very difficult to read the such tails of pure evil, but it helped me to answer a number of long-lingering questions.

    My mother’s parents were immigrants from what is now western Ukraine. There were so many unanswered mysteries about their lives and experiences in the “old country”. They spoke little about their life journeys and had no interest in ever returning there, even for a visit with family. They were Ukrainian, but there was no trezub in their house, but instead Orthodox crucifixes. They had a hard life at the bottom of the social stratum, but were forever thankful for the peace and tranquility of life in Canada. They enjoyed hosting beer parties for their friends, which included Ukes, Poles, Russians, Romanians, etc. None of us ever hear an ill word about a Russian, Pole, Jew or anyone else for that matter. Political discussions were entirely absent, except for an odd comment from grandfather regarding his utter abhorrence of the Bolsheviks. I’m certain his friends were all of a like mind.

    It was curious time back then in the early 1960’s. I clearly recall that the Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic churches being two blocks apart, but the members of the respective churches never spoke to each other. We all had no idea of what it was about, but as my mother would say, “something bad must have happened”. Also, I recall there was a deep division between most Poles and Ukrainians. My mother would again say, “something bad must have happened”.

    Yes, something bad happened, now there is a small glimpse of this evil both past and present. Its disgusting beyond words, both back then and now.


    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Nicolai | Oct 17, 2014, 03:12
  12. I can only compare this travesty of unknown origin in these “humans” to those of the Croatian USTASHE movement during WW2 against the Serbs….

    Liked by 2 people

    Posted by Marko Kovacevic (@cheetah75) | Oct 17, 2014, 12:08
  13. It is clear that the Neo-Nazis are here to stay like the Islamic extremist such as Taliban did before. Poland government and territory is playing as military training field and indoctrination environment for the Neo-Nazis in the same way that Pakistan did for the Islamist extremist. At the same time is highly probably that the Neo-Nazism will spread to another Europeans countries.

    After all we have to “congratulate” Dr. Brzezinski for his successful strategy approach to confront USA enemies, if the world becomes a mess, who cares?

    Russia today is weaker and much more corrupted than the Soviet Union in Brezhnev times, Furthermore, Russia actually has nothing to offer from the ideological, cultural or technological point of view to the rest of the world. It is highly probably that the final outcome for Russian destruction that Dr. Brzezinski has been looking for a long time is the confrontation of Neo-Nazis and Islamist against everybody else inside Russia itself.


    Posted by Obi-Juan | Oct 18, 2014, 10:16
    • I feel uncomfortable to see negative things like “neo-nazis” “extremists” being considered the norm of the world today. The world will not tolerate this madness anymore, and if we allow ourselves to be deceived into expecting such future, then expect more of these atrocious banderite-like behaviours to spread to a city near you in the future. Neo-nazis have been around for very long already, concentrated heavily in Poland and (west) Ukraine, and Germany has its fair share too. What better time than now to smite them all.

      “Highly probable”..? Russia wouldn’t be so easily overcome, and not without a fierce fight, especially now. I wouldn’t resort to saying they are “more weaker today”. What? They are a nuclear power…? And considering they have drastically grown since ’91, are now more or less considered a real threat to the globalist pigs. I don’t understand why you would blatantly say that Russia has nothing to offer. Right, so the U.S is interested in having a war with Russia for….its uselessness. Europe relies on Russian gas to begin with, which for the most part, is the reason why Ukraine is so backward right now having even increased gas by 90% today. And Russia seems to be quite well off while its top export is mineral fuels and oil, among iron, steel, precious stones, machinery blah blah etc etc. Russia was weak when it was capitulated with Yeltsin being an american-made puppet, and what with its wealth being sucked back into the U.S due to corrupted and conveniently placed politicians in the kremlin. There is still corruption in the kremlin today with, should we say “neo-nazi” oligarchs plotting against Putin and overall opposing his rule. Russia has done its time and now it’s the U.S’s time to burn, along with their shifty little friend Israhell. And it’s not just Russia they need to worry about, but what about China? They’re just being a little more passive, but, I quote the french, the “sleeping dragon” now has its eyes wide open. So no, Russia is not “more weaker”, but more stronger, and needs to be. The Cabal seem to be desperate and pushing their agendas even more with all the wars, genocide, Hi-jacked protests and “diseases” floating around all year. Really makes one wonder..


      Posted by Ariel | Oct 18, 2014, 16:55
      • Dear Ariel,
        First I would like to recommend you this article with what I agree, it is in Spanish language, but you can make a translation:


        and comments that Arturo did in the Saker website:


        Summarizing the article and Arturo comments:

        The result of the NATO line of attack against Russia is that a contradiction and internal struggle is now occurring in Russia between those who have already chosen to sell out Russia with themselves and those who have not yet found the time to understand that a multipolar global capitalism like Putin wants is not viable, because NATO don’t want it.

        A united Russian oligarch’s front against NATO is impossible because the system of sanctions and the blocking of access to oligarchs accounts and assets in the West generates such contradictions in the Russian power elites that, in practice, it prevents them from reacting adequately. Bottom line, Moscow cannot defeat NATO plans without contradicting the class interests of its own oligarchs.

        Russia arrived very late to capitalism (the world cake was already taken) and that is why the Russian elite will be unable to occupy a space among the globalist elite without paying the necessary price, which is none other than renouncing its territorial power base, Russia and the access and control of its energy resources and raw materials.

        All attempts by Russia to develop any line of response based on similar strategies used by NATO in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Libya…..like Maidan, ISIS….. mobilizing social discontent, have no future, because Russia capitalism does not represent an alternative social model, not even an illusion of hope for a much free and justice society and world. It can only create some empathy from those who reject the American domination, but here the class contradictions come into play again, because it is not enough to oppose NATO only on political-military grounds, since the key to global power resides in the financial and military structures that enable global control and plunder: World Trade Organization, IMF, Free Trade agreements, World Bank, SWIFT, VISA, Internet, Control of Sea lines… those are realities to which Russia is a marginal player.

        In order to be able to fight NATO plans in the long run, an alternative social model is needed, period. Alternative not only in regard to the postmodern vs. traditional sets of values, but fundamentally in regard to the social model that include the models of production that means private or socialized property. Post Soviet Russia tends to align with the most reactionary values such as Durgin and other Russian chauvinists, without taking in consideration social struggle, which they renounced long ago in Khrushchev times. Later, they renounced to the entire Soviet Union for the sake of NATO values, culture, banking system, exploitation, wars of aggression, movies, music……….in exchange for nothing.

        About what I said that Russia is weaker today than in Brezhnev times I will give you just a few examples:

        1. SU had four (4) aircraft carries Kiev-class very similar in dimension to the Mistral-class that Russia wants to buy from France.

        2. SU had full deck aircraft carries (like US navy) in different stages of construction.

        3. All the actual industrial and technological base of Russia is from SU times, nothing new has been created.

        Of course I am not supporting Brezhnev model, it is just a historical comparative to see how weak actually is Russia.


        Posted by Obi-Juan | Oct 19, 2014, 01:23
      • If there’s any bright spot for Russia in the whole confrontation over the Ukraine, it’s the complete marginalization of the pro-western “liberal” movement that provides the power base for the oligarchs. Whatever freedom of action the west is trying to take away from Russia with sanctions, they are gaining back as the traitors become isolated. The imperative for Russia to act in its own interests, both internally and externally, has never been clearer.

        Liked by 1 person

        Posted by Thirdeye | Oct 19, 2014, 02:47
        • You are correct and Putin is (at last?) starting to really assert Russian interests, after Gorbachev and Yeltsin sold out to the Washington Empire of Chaos.


          Posted by gerryhiles | Oct 19, 2014, 11:40
      • Thirdeye,
        You said “The imperative for Russia to act in its own interests, both internally and externally, has never been clearer.” You still dreaming with a united Russian popular front where rich oligarchs and poor workers will go together fighting for a common interest. That is dream, Russian oligarchs have their ow class agenda, keep their wealth and the relationship with most powerful (western capitalism) that usually is the winner in any confrontation.

        “If there’s any bright spot for Russia in the whole confrontation over the Ukraine, it’s the complete marginalization of the pro-western “liberal” movement that provides the power base for the oligarchs.”

        First the “power base for the oligarchs.” is the ownership of the means of production (factories), natural resources (oil, mining) and financial services (banks), the pro-western “liberal” movement is just cannon fodder for Western and Russian oligarchs. Second we are in the early stages of the confrontation and if the economic conditions in Russia begin to worsening, NATO can find other movements to erode Moscow central power.


        Posted by Obi-Juan | Oct 19, 2014, 11:40
  14. These accounts kills me inside..I have an active imagination, and seeing the descriptions, especially of the children, makes my stomach churn. I thought what the Japanese did to the Chinese during The Nanking Massacre was horrendous….this takes that and multiples it by 10. How can these be people..? I’ve seen the western ukrainians blame russians for everything, for killing them, but they forget this…No one can or should forgive such demonic actions.. and to think they are trying to do this again today. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.


    Posted by Ariel | Oct 18, 2014, 17:05
    • Ariel,
      “I’ve seen the western ukrainians blame russians for everything” Ukrainians have been brainwashed by Western powers and their own oligarchs.

      A correction from my last post:

      1. SU had four (4) aircraft carries Kiev-class very similar in dimension to the Mistral-class that Russia wants to buy from France, now has zero (0).

      2. SU had four (4) full deck aircraft carries (like US navy) in different stages of construction, now has just one (1).

      3. All the actual industrial and technological base of Russia is from SU times, nothing new has been created.
      SU had the most advance LASER and energy weapons programs in the world, now the laboratories are in shambles.


      Posted by Obi-Juan | Oct 19, 2014, 11:26
  15. Makes Genghis Khan look like a Quaker.


    Posted by Cass | Oct 19, 2014, 10:20
  16. Absolutely horrible! One of my grandmothers (father’s side) was killed by banderites during World War II for supporting partisans.


    Posted by Russian Universe | Oct 20, 2014, 10:15


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