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The New Round of Sanctions—The Pre-War Period

muridOriginal: El Murid (Anatoliy Nesmeyan) LiveJournal
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

The latest round of sanctions imposed by the European Union has essentially put an end to any discussion about the possibility of an agreement with the West. Notwithstanding all the concessions and betrayal.

The very fact that Russia faltered in Ukraine and did not defend its national interests, abandoning the Donbass region and its people to the mercy of those bent on tearing them apart, and accepting loss of face on the part of the Russian leadership and frank betrayal—all this only convinced the West that it can dictate its will by continuing to increase the pressure.

It is difficult to tell what was it that the traitors promised to the President, but it is already obvious that they deceived him. There will be no reconciliation. The problem is that now the Western pressure has ceased to have a purely Ukrainian dimension. Sanctions and their tightening are aimed exclusively at fomenting a schism in the Russian elite, at infringing on the interests of one of its parts and at whipping up an early coup.

What is at stake now is no more and no less than the head of Putin himself—no other outcome will satisfy the West. Already after Crimea, the frightened Euro-American elite had resolved that there can be no dealing with Putin’s Russia and for that reason sanctioned the plans for his overthrow. For now—by means of a coup d’état at the hands of aggrieved and disadvantaged oligarchs. If that does not work—through a military conflict.

It appears that the Russian leadership understands this, and that yesterday’s regular exercises of the troops of the Eastern Military District, which required them to be brought to full combat readiness, is a demonstration of the fact that Russia is ready for such a development of the situation. The only question that remains is whether she is ready for betrayal.

The past three to four years have provided a wealth of material for the study of possible scenarios of war with Russia. Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine – these are countries where the West achieved its objectives through mutiny of one of the parts of the indigenous elite, following which it supported the arrival of democracy to these wild outskirts of civilization. In Libya this was facilitated by NATO’s bombers; in Egypt – by mass funding of terrorist groups from the pockets of western corporations in Qatar; in Yemen, the wager was placed on tribal leaders and on the launch of the “Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula” project; in Ukraine – well, here, everything is right before our eyes.

In Syria, this scenario malfunctioned. The Syrian elite refused to betray Assad, as its interests are tied to Syria, and the business and the welfare of its members are based on a united and stable Syria. That is why individual traitors in the leadership of the country could not undermine its stability, and the West was forced to rely on the terrorists of Al-Nusra, ISIS, the Islamic Front, the Farouq Brigades, the Free Syrian Army, and many others. Now Obama is preparing to bomb the Syrian territory under the guise of fighting the Islamic State. There is no doubt that the range of the bombing campaign will extend much further, and that, if Russia overlooks the bombing of Ar-Raqqa, in one or two months Obama’s falcons will start bombing Damascus. If Russia does not arrange for immediate deliveries to Syria of Air Defence systems capable of taking down the American terrorists, we will be faced with a sharp aggravation of the situation in the south in addition to the problems in Ukraine.

Russia stands before the same choice—first we can expect a coup. Unlike Syria, a significant part of the contemporary Russian elite are common compradors that have nothing in common with the country other than the fact that it is from Russia itself that they pump their subcutaneous wellbeing. It is these people that their Western owners are now beginning severely to pressure, using sanctions as a whip so as to encourage them to organize a coup. And the longer they delay, the stronger and fiercer the sanctions will become.

However, the sanctions have yet another aspect to them—in the event the coup d’état fails, the West wants as much as possible to weaken the leading sectors of the Russian economy, so as to ensure that Russia is minimally ready when she faces the possible armed conflict. Speaking about the military conflict, we can now say with confidence that the ideas of George Friedman about using and unifying the wars in Iraq and Ukraine will become the basis of the military intervention against Russia. Whether this will be done through a war in Crimea or an armed conflict in Chechnya is a purely situational matter. It is certain that different scenarios are being formulated, and that they will be launched either immediately following the coup d’état attempt or synchronously therewith.

The events of the past few years have very clearly demonstrated that the West has wagered on the destruction of the existing world order. It is not satisfied with the emergence of new centres of power, which places it on the precipice of a civilizational catastrophe. The sweet life of the “golden billion” has always been premised on the slavish existence of the rest of the world, who worked for their masters. The new centres and growth points, the new associations of Third World countries that are gaining momentum make the concepts of neocolonialism worthless—and the West will go to war. To a large degree, it simply has no other choice.

The colour revolutions gave the United States and its allies an instrument, using which they expect to defeat their strategic rivals without bringing about direct confrontations that threaten total destruction. By spreading around the world, the cancerous tumour of democracy and human rights, in their Western interpretations, is preparing the groundwork for colour revolutions of varying degrees of ferocity.

The pressure of sanctions on Russia, which no one is any longer interested in stopping, transitions the level of confrontation to a qualitatively different state. Evidently, there is a certain point of no return, upon achieving which a rollback is no longer possible. There is a deep suspicion that we had already passed it, casually and imperceptibly. Most likely, this point can be considered to be Russia’s refusal to fight for Ukraine. The May of 2014, when quite inexplicably the people of the Donbass region were simply betrayed, can be considered such a point – the West received proof that it had the ability to force its interests. Who was it in the Russian elite and the state apparatus that exerted pressure on or deceived the Russian President – the latter knows best. But these are the same people that will stand behind the coup.

If we have entered the pre-war period, then the logic of our behavior must also become other than in peacetime. The slightest hint of the possibility of a coup must be eliminated. People who would betray and sell the country must be removed from power. They must be deprived of the tools of their influence. Then the West will be left with only the military option – a path that it fears. A path that affords it far fewer chance than a betrayal.


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  1. The United States gives the Hitler regime a run for its money. The US is the same but by stealth and all its little lapdog EU countries ready to do its evil bidding. I am amazed that no one will stand up to the US. They should be implicated in many war crimes and all its evil so called leaders and manipulators behind the scenes should be in war crime tribunals. We’re all screwed anyway if US get to run the world so if it takes a military conflict to stop them then so be it. What future has my child got anyway? A fake one based on iphones, reality TV and sitting behind a computer screen day in day out being a ‘zombie’ to the masters!


    Posted by Mich | Sep 13, 2014, 09:33
    • The astonishing 3 September interview of Russian Duma (Parliament) Deputy Evgeny Fedorov, seems to be pre-staging radical new actions by Vladimir Putin himself, and this may be the key to understanding Putin, Russia, and Ukraine / Novorossiya … and how Putin and his partners will shortly devastatingly defeat the USA in their Kiev adventure. Summary of what is said and implied in this video ‘The Purge is Coming’ (link below):

      (1) Over the last 15 years, Putin has never been more than half in control. In fact, Putin has been every day, risking his own life, and fighting for survival of himself and Russian patriots, in an utterly difficult and dangerous management of traitorous oligarch elements tied to the West and the USA – Russia’s ‘5th column’ of people who raped Russia nearly to extinction in the 1990s. Putin’s actions are in fact continually tied and limited by the ongoing powers of that group. Putin’s confident attitude, and many successes, mask the continual real danger to himself and Russian patriots, a danger peaking in these last few months.

      (2) Because of that 5th column of Russian traitors, Putin is in fact not guilty of betraying the Donbass (East Ukraine / Novorossiya), by his refusal to go in militarily to prevent thousands of Russians being killed … nor is that refusal some tactic / strategy of Putin, sacrificing some thousands of Russian lives to achieve wider goals. It is rather that Putin has been unable to act as he and Russian patriots like Igor Strelkov have wished, in these months when Russia’s traitors are at their most aggressive, as Russia itself risked being delivered into traitor hands, if Putin acted before the traitors are neutered.

      (3) But it is a supreme irony of the US-Nato led attacks in Ukraine, that while being the most dangerous modern moment for Russia since the early 1990s, that these attacks, and the heroism of Donbass militia in countering them, are ultimately providing the means by which Russian patriots are consolidating, and enabling defeat of the traitors inside Russia, and also the winning back of Ukraine as Russian and Russian-friendly territory.

      (4) For Russians in general, and not only in Donbass, Ukraine is part of Russia, and so the attacks by Nato forces present in Ukraine, are making Russians see and feel they are now being invaded on their home territory. This is arousing the historic Russian will of resistance which will soon shake the whole world. The thousands of Russians tragically dead in Donbass will not have died in vain, but are rather heroes in a world-historical battle that ultimately saves Russia, and collapses the influence of its US-oligarch attackers.

      (5) Similarly, even Russian oligarchs and societal sectors who had been fellow travellers to the West, now see they are just dirt to USA & the West, and that they must align with Russian patriots if they are to survive at all. Only the truly corrupt and fools in Russia, will remain aligned with the West.

      (6) With the rapid consolidation of Russians around the patriots and against 5th column traitors, and even former servants of the West at last seeing the light, the stage is nearly ready for what must happen – a dramatic, rapid purge of Russia’s 5th column traitors, a purge necessarily outside the bounds of Russia’s Western-imposed Constitution, but acting fully for the benefit of the Russian people, who will have at last a government fully of themselves instead of partly by rapacious outsiders.

      (7) The purge will not be a purge of ‘personal’ vendettas, as of one oligarch against another, but rather a structural purge of those against the interests of the Russian people, a purge of those who blocked the defence of the heroes of Donbass. It is well-understood that the purge will involve cutting off the economic tentacles by which the US-West oligarchs have been able to suborn and control elements of the Russian economy, impeding it from giving jobs and shared wealth to Russians. Post-Purge Russia will have an economy at last truly independent of US-Nato and its attempted New World Order.

      (8) After the purge, Russian soldiers will roll into Kiev, and fight with and repulse all Nato thugs on Ukraine’s territory. We will also see and know the real Vladimir Putin, how he anguished over the thousands of Donbass dead in the preceding months, and how he and Russian patriots were forced to wait until the right moment to strike against the traitors who blocked him.

      Fedorov’s 3 Sept 45 minute video (here with English subtitles), ‘The Purge is Coming’


      Posted by brabantian | Sep 14, 2014, 07:50
      • I don’t quite understand why Putin doesn’t “neutralize” the oligarchs right now by putting them all in jail, or for that matter against a wall. What’s he waiting for?


        Posted by tonywicher1 | Sep 14, 2014, 18:39
      • ” … but rather a structural purge of those against the interests of the Russian people … ” [Brabantian]

        Thanks for that source vid, @Brabantian.

        I guess, that ‘purge’ could be part of Strelkov’s new duties at Moscow? Such a ‘purge’ could also mean, that the Civil War of Ukraine is spreading and infecting the INNER circles of power in Russia – and that whole Russia could be destabilized not only by Western sanctions, but foremost by ideological infighting.

        I know, that the Dugin-circle, to which Strelkov belongs, is close to Putin – and is waiting for a chance to establish very radical methods for a long time now – some kind of (Pre-)Stalinistic Purge of the 5th Column.

        I doubt, that Dugin and his followers are representing the will and wishes of the masses in Russia – I think, they are an obscure Right Wing Movement, but nevertheless Putin is using them in his political game. We will see … .


        Posted by Historian | Sep 14, 2014, 22:04
    • MICH: ‘I am amazed that no one will stand up to the US.’ Mich, if you mean the EU or Europe I think your premse that they WANT to have a policy different than that of the US may be faulty. Think how many times we (and Putin) have been told that EU doesn’t want sanctions, but is being pressured by US. It takes 28 unanimous votes to pass each round of sanctions. SOMEBODY in Europe or EU wants the sanctions and the same NWO that the US wants. Their own banksters? Rothschilds? Traitors? I personally have been convinced for some time that the protestations of the EU/Germany/Merkel that they are being dragged kicking and screaming behind the US is merely a performance to create cognitive dissonance in Russia. Such shilly-shallying makes it difficult to arrive at a rational policy in opposition– and almost impossible for a group to decide on a unified policy. It’s meant to be a form of psy-op. But the veil is off now. Regards.


      Posted by Penelope Powell | Sep 16, 2014, 03:28
      • The majority of people in Europe WANT to be more if not completely independent from the US-regime. The trouble is that the EU is an entirely undemocratic construct. It’s a monstrous bureaucracy, in which 28 heads (the commission) call all the shots. The EU parliarment has zero say, it can’t determine policy, not even veto new EU laws the commissions comes up with. Brussels is a cesspool of lobbyists, even worse than Washington, and almost 40% of them (if I recall that number correctly) are US lobby organisations. There was a recent poll just a week ago or so, conducted by the German Marshall Fund – the central “nonpartisan organisation” to keep Europe and especially Germany in check and their elites under control – that came to the conclusion that 68% of Germans want a foreign policy more independent from the US. The trouble is that in Europe we don’t have ANY leaders. We only have authoritarian followers, vain narcissists and insipid opportunists, who are all infested with despicable Atlanticist faith and who have willingly subordinated themselves to their American masters. Merkel is a prime example of that. She never had any political agenda or vision, she is the perfect opportunist and follower of whatever she is being told by her masters/aides/lobby agents. I still remember how she traveled to Washington to kowtow to Dubya when our then chancellor Schröder said “no” to attacking Iraq – she didn’t even have a mandate to do that. Hows that for a willing servant?

        Europe is a lost cause unless the people will get up from their sofas, screw their boring hedonism and finally revolt against the EU and NATO – the instruments of Anglo-American imperialism.

        Russia could force even our elites to split, by saying that she will stop selling gas to NATO-members. But Russia still acts to low-key and moderate on these sanctions. Probably they still hope the Euro-trash-elites will realize that Russia is not a threat. But they know that already. It has never been about that, it’s all about obeying master Uncle Sam. The so-called “West” only understands the iron fist, not a diplomacy and strategy as sophisticated as the Russians.


        Posted by sergderbst | Sep 17, 2014, 18:05
  2. This article and the previous one by Ivanovich Strelkov habe been a schock. I agree with both but it is awful to realize how the world’s elite ( the politicians and the billionaires ) are corrupted. They are liars, thieves and murderers. They are cynical skeptics, they have no soul and are not trying to develop one, they behave like wolves, The ‘New World Order’ managed by Washington and the Zionists
    is getting close to succeed in impementing their Empire and with it slavery for the common. Hell is on Earth

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    Posted by Jean de Peyrelongue | Sep 13, 2014, 10:51
    • I agree absolutely that the world’s elite are thieves and murderers. I think however that it is the New World Order that manages Washington, and not the other way around. The New World Order, as I understand it, consists of wealthy elites from all over the West, many based in Britain, but also in broader Europe and the US, and includes families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.


      Posted by konar | Sep 13, 2014, 15:45
  3. Reblogged this on civilizationchanges and commented:
    now it really begins


    Posted by demargot222 | Sep 13, 2014, 12:14
  4. This is grim indeed. What will Putin do? He must round up his traitors and show that he is prepared. What will China do? Iran? The world wants Putin to stand up to the beast, trouble is…Will he?


    Posted by pkhauptmann | Sep 13, 2014, 12:29
  5. El Murid is careful not to present Putin himself as a traitor, but just as a man “deceived” by traitors. Putin, according to this version, has been had.

    The problem with this approach is that it lends a dimension of political naiveté and foolishness to Putin, which is hard to reconcile with the demonstrated record of shrewdness displayed by Putin in taking control of what used to be a huge bordello and turnin it into a respected nation since he came to power. I’d be forgiven for doubting that Putin is some kind of easily deceivable naif, as El Murid plainly suggests.

    In any case, El Murid correctly identifies that the Western elites would be enraptured to see Putin gone, and are working on that goal by trying to transmit it to the Russian elites. The fact that so far they haven’t succeeded, suggests again Putin is nobody’s fool.

    Then there are those who feel Putin is himself the traitor or one of the traitors here. This sentiment, if sincere, should entail in those who harbour it a desire to see Putin replaced. I have not observed this desire. Because the question immediately arises: replaced by whom? Who exactly do they suggest would have the skills to keep the Russian oligarcs at bay and defend Russia from the Western onslaught? They don’t say because they are probably aware no such person appears to be available.

    It is also slightly irritating to keep hearing that because Russia has so far avoided an open direct military intervention with the full might of its armed forces, it means it has “abandoned” the Donbass. This is very silly, when we all know Russia has been providing and continues to provide absolutely essential help to the militias (without that help they would not exist) and it has quietly accomodated a huge amount of refugees, and keeps sending vital aid to the region.

    In short, the people who say that Russia has abandoned Novorossia should make an effort to imagine what the situation would be like if Russia had *really* abandoned Novorossia.

    Finally, one would wish people on the same side of a very important conflict like this, could learn to keep their differences in a more private setting. It pains me to see Russians who are clearly on the same side of this war, fighting each other over relatively petty matters.

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    Posted by Benhur | Sep 13, 2014, 14:03
    • “Putin is nobody’s fool.” [Benhur]

      Yep, right on the button, @Benhur. That’s the case.

      I see Putin using ALL his tools & tricks at his disposal here – as “a very important conflict like this” (your words) demands.

      I am not so sure about El-Murid’s understanding of those tools & tricks – as he wants to bring the Civil War on Russia.

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      Posted by Historian | Sep 14, 2014, 22:22
    • BENHUR: Thank you for good sense. I think we are guilty of falsely-limited interpretations when we imagine Putin is either guilty of betrayal or naivete. Obviously, differences in methodology exist in such a complex set of problems. I forget where I read that it was important to complete certain tasks before the overt falling out (sanctions of segments of Rus economy). It was necessary to first complete: Rus-China gas deal, formation of Eurasian trade Union, strengthening of BRICS, make econ system more independent of dollar. All of this has been completed since Ukraine crisis began. It may now be better to let Kiev implode for awhile. If the Ukrainians can’t fight in the winter they should get pretty aggravated at their living conditions– this will be austerity on steroids.
      I don’t know if others are aware that Radio Free Europe is beaqming to Ukraine that things will be wonderful after WWIII: Ukraine can have a piece of Russia, Finland gets another piece, etc. (No mention of nukes or radiation) . Sorry; seem to have misplaced title of the article. It was on Globalresearch.ca approx 9/12.


      Posted by Penelope Powell | Sep 16, 2014, 04:22
  6. For centuries the utmost objective in Western aggressors’ minds is to PREVENT A GERMAN-RUSSIAN ECONOMIC INTERDEPENDENCY, and thus halt the rise of an Eurasian landmass as a intertwined economy – a power that ultimately would destroy western grip on the entire planet.

    Therefore, for Russia, in order to crack NATO from within, Russia patiently tries to BRING GERMANY TO AWAKENING .

    Here , this beautifully, skillfully crafted article forgets one key factor for Russia: she until the last minute has to try to convince Germany that they are being dragged into a war of sanctions that ultimately will drag them into a war of hell. Because, if Germany’s industrial sector can politically prevail over zionist-controlled financial-banking sector, then Germany will halt sanctions – as she has already halted NATO – and Russia will then win.

    Therefore Russia decided to play “good boy” before Germany’s eyes.

    YOUTUBE : “Что ждёт Россию, если Путин введёт войска”.

    The West tried to lure Russia into invade Ukraine in order to promote a major war that ultimately would allow them to:
    1) – Manufacture all sell massive weaponry to Europeans.
    2) – Therefore recover their economy again, at the expenses of Europe tanking production.
    3) – Deny their debts.

    YOUTUBE : “Why America needs a major war in Europe?”.


    Posted by Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL | Sep 13, 2014, 14:05
    • Yep, have to agree with your analysis, @Francisco.

      Especially that:

      ” … key factor for Russia: she until the last minute has to try to convince Germany that they are being dragged into a war of sanctions that ultimately will drag them into a war of hell … “. [Francisco]

      Germany never wanted to give up on its good relationship with Russia (which is very close since Chancellor Schröder’s era, who is a close friend of Putin and part of the Headquarters of Gazprom), so does France and others – but the pressure of the Anglophiles (as I would call them, not ‘Zionists’) is tough – and someone plays the Flute of Hate very horribly here, like in the German press regarding MH17, where stone-aged cliches of the ‘Russian Barbarian’ (anno 1940) were intonated.

      I think, Merkel is knowing, that she must break this vicious circle of escalation – also, the public pressure is rising, as the recent communal elections of the East German federal countries have shown today: there is an Anti-EU-Party, ‘Alternative for Germany’, which has won between 10 and 12% right from the start in ALL countries and drawn from ALL established parties – already sitting in Brussel, like France’s populist Right Wing and EU-critical-Party of ‘Front National’ (with over 30% of voters – and today they would be around the 50% mark, as data has shown). This German ‘Alternative for Germany’ has stated officially, that civilians of Germany are very concerned about the seriousness of the conflict between East and West – and that Germans don’t want to be caught in the middle, surviving the critical moments of the Cold War, which could have turned into a Hot War easily. This new and successful Party is opting for NO SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA – which is an absolute novum here in Germany. Something is moving in Europe, really fast. Maybe a political landslide of massive proportions (very likely in France, where people are really, really fed up with Hollande …).

      Greetings from Germany,


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      Posted by Historian | Sep 14, 2014, 23:01
      • thanks for your detailed info on ongoing tectonic shift of German public opinion. Brings me great sigh of relief.
        Germany can prevent WW3 , I believe. I can see Anglophiles’ grip on Europe has its days numbered.


        Posted by Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL | Sep 16, 2014, 23:59
      • Agree only partially. However, as political activist quite familiar with German politics I wish I could share your optimism. Many in Germany including the AfD never wanted to give up on their good relationship with Russia. But the Flute of Hate deafens currently any voice of reason. You might be aware, that a flagship of liberal journalism now rejects any readers comments an Russia and Ukraine labeling critics as trolls. You might be also aware that members of what we both would like to be an Anti-EU-Party voted in the EP recently for sanctions. What Merkel is knowing and Merkel is doing are different matters. She dances to any flute which fits her personal gain, Any European politician in power an the the msm right now dances to the tune of what Sergei Glasnov called “global oligarchy”, to keep the job. Do you think public opinion and economic interests matter in German or EU politics? My answer is no. Certainly not yet.

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        Posted by afdmunich (@afdmunich) | Sep 17, 2014, 07:43
      • @Francisco, you are welcome … I try my best (which could be wrong). 😉

        @AfDMunich, my pleasure to meet you here at Slavjanskgrad … . 🙂

        Well, I cannot reject any of your sentences, so … maybe I was indeed sounding like an optimist.

        And I simplified the fracture and splitting of your Party members – you are still a mixed bag – and the opinions of AfD Hamburg are different from AfD Leipzig e.g. Could be a grave political mistake to play the Brussel game in the starting phase of the Party, but Lucke has to know about the risks of early discredit from voters.

        But I admit: there is a slight hope in my voice, that Merkel fears a connection with Fascism, War and German Global Politics in public opinion so much, that she starts implementing her knowledge. 🙂 Me optimist.

        You mean the Süddeutsche? I check not very regularly, but I noticed, that Ukraine comments were shut down – and censored heavily prior to that – also accompanied by the usual political pseudo-commentaries to discredit readers and commenters as ‘Verschwörungstheoretiker’. Yep, very, very sad development. I wonder, how they manage to infiltrate every major press organ in Germany by such a degree – who organizes those campaigns? Deutsches Presseamt Berlin?


        Posted by Historian | Sep 17, 2014, 15:52
      • Very well explained, Historian. Let me add something.

        I consider our country, Germany, to be still occupied by the US/UK. Not just the way all EU countries are in Uncle Sam’s pocket, but because we’ve actually been occupied after WW2 and then bilked out of an actual German reunification. As you might know, both the GDR (DDR) and FRG (BRD) were preliminary state constructs under occupational law. That’s why we don’t have a real constitution, but a “basic law” (Grundgesetz). It was intended, right from the start, that in the event of reunification, there would be a constituent assembly and a nation-wide referendum to form a new, united, free and sovereign German state. But when that moment came in 1989/90, the occupants weren’t up for it. While the Russians supported the idea (also reliably ended their occupation) and France was hesitant, the Anglo-American occupants were strictly against it. The result then was a foul compromise. Instead of a real constitution and a sovereign state, the GDR was just integrated into the FGR, leaving the preliminary occupational construct intact. Ok, there was the 2 plus 4 contract, which claims German sovereignty, but further down the document it provides a long list of articles from occupational law that will remain intact. That plus bilateral contracts from the 1950s and 60s, that grant our occupants rights even above our “constitution” should make it clear, that Germany is not a sovereign nation.

        This has already become obvious with the NSA scandal. The trouble here is that according to contracts, the Anglo-American occupants are legally allowed to spy on us. There is nothing we can do against it – not legally. And now with the staged conflict in Ukraine and especially the politics of sanctions it becomes clear even to people of mediocre literacy in geopolitics and history: Germany (and Europe) is under OWNED by US/UK imperialism.

        Or just think of the fact that our president Gauck’s speech in front of the Munich Security Conference – you know, yadda-yadda, Germany needs to take more responsibility in the world (more weapons, more wars) – was almost exactly copy and paste from a document prepared months earlier by the German Marshall Fund in cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (a conservative think tank with close ties to the German State Department).

        I think, it’s long overdue to form a sovereignty movement in Germany, aimed at kicking out the occupants, leaving both NATO and the EU, and develop a foreign policy aimed towards those parts of the world that are not declining and instead have a future (BRICS, Asia, Latin America).


        Posted by sergderbst | Sep 17, 2014, 18:51
      • Yes, @SergDerbst, you are absolutely correct, as far as I can think about this complicated matter of sovereignty of Germany. Lots of this matter is a topic of secret service work, so called ‘deep state’ and alot of greyzone activity behind closed doors, which is not reported anywhere – and is immune against investigative journalism – and the archives are closed, documents missing, all that stuff, you know. Those are topics for insiders only, and I am an outsider in that regard – I don’t know anything important and always too little … . Another example: the EU bureaucracy, which must be some kind of total buy-out of any conceivable democratic tradition of transparency and fairness. I would argue, that questions of (full) sovereignty of Germany are less and less important in daily political practice, because everybody just DOES the things she wanna do anyway, right now. It’s a state of more or less controlled chaos, where the US/GB are spying, because they can (not because of legality) – and the BND is announcing its future counter-spying program in public, where everybody is laughing about that, because the BND cannot (legally and technologically). I think, politics are happening, when Merkel is talking to Putin – and Obama does not know (exactly), what they talk about … that’s concrete … questions of sovereignty are matters for constitutional judges and lots of paper workers.


        Posted by Historian | Sep 17, 2014, 23:57
  7. From my point of view the whole theory and campaign initiated by El Murid, Strelkov, the Saker and others that the actual Putin approach to the Ukrainian Civil war has been wrong due the existence of “traitors” and “5th column” around Putin doesn’t make any sense.

    Any person with basic political education and internet connection, understood from the beginning what has been happening in Ukraine, do you tell me that Putin with much bigger resources couldn’t?

    Are the traitors a class (oligarchs, intellectuals, NGO….)? Or are they just some high ranking officers in Putin administration?
    El Murid says “The very fact that Russia faltered in Ukraine and did not defend its national interests”, but what are Russian interest? Differ them from the interest of the Russian oligarchs?

    El Murid talk a lot of about betrayal, traitors and military exercises but nothing about true correlation of forces between Russia and NATO, no just military but much more important finance and economic correlation of forces and this correlation probably tell us a lot about why President Putin has been avoiding any confrontation with NATO countries.

    The true is that NATO countries have the upper hand in any confrontation with Russia.
    Russia already is integrated in the international system ruled by USA (liked or not) on a financial, political, economic and cultural levels. Russia already belongs to the IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, SWIFT, Russian oil is for sale in the London and New York market’s, Internet and so on ……….

    Why do you believe that the sanctions hurt Russia economy so much and Putin try to avoid them? This vision of actual Russia as a country totally independent, wealthy and self sufficient is just a fantasy. Germany economy can afford to live without Russian gas and oil, Russia cannot afford to live without gas and oil revenues for a long period of time.

    Russia in 2014 is not the Soviet Union in 1941, Putin is not Stalin and the Oligarchs that are behind Putin are not the communist party members willing to sacrifice their life for the party and the soviet union.

    There has not been a Russian modernization in the last 12 years that can make the country stronger in front of any confrontation with NATO quite the opposite. If the NATO countries start to gear up the economic confrontation applying similar measures that were applied to Iran before, Russian economy and society will have a very difficult time or even collapse as Argentinian economy did in 2001.

    What Russia and Putin will do?


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    Posted by Obi-Juan | Sep 13, 2014, 14:42
    • There is no juggling required in Anti-Masonry, Freemasonry on the other hand…


      Posted by Freemasonry Watch (@FreemasonWatchn) | Sep 13, 2014, 16:57
    • Russia knew a real development since Putin arrived , though it is real that Russia still has a long way to reach the kind of welfare of the West nations ,
      but another fact is that russians are very patriotic and they know how to face harsh time and wars .
      And russian army has always been at the top level .
      So sanctions and even a war perspective should not afraid Russia more than the Nato Countries ,
      knowing that in a lot of them the political establishment is very fragile and could collapse under the
      will of the people , like in France , Greece , and others .
      Putin is doing a great clever job , though he must be aware of possible betrayal around .
      For a world of peace and cooperation instead of competition , predation and war .


      Posted by lars | Sep 13, 2014, 21:14
    • “Germany economy can afford to live without Russian gas and oil …” [Obi-Juan]

      Well, the rich could, the poor, not so much … .

      I am also not so sure about the military superiority of NATO over Russia, especially not in the light of the Middle East catastrophes of the last decade. I would rather state, that NATO troops in their present condition would not endure against Novorussia Militia – for example, like they are not enduring against Taliban either, in fighting ability. That’s a fact. NATO is even struggling to establish a QRF of 10.000 men for the ‘Eastern Scenario’. 10.000 men! That’s absolutely ridiculous, but that’s the financial state of Europe and America right now. Let’s face it: the West is at the brink of economical collapse – it’s only a question of time, how long they can prevent it by printing money and fudging the ‘numbers’ in their books. I think, it would be easier for NATO to press all Red Buttons at the same time, than to fight a conventional non-nuclear war against Russia – like ‘Fuck You, World! We have messed it up anyway!’ And that’s the real danger in this confrontation to me … . Another thing: I am quite sure, that not very much people in the West would FIGHT for their government or country – they would say: that’s not my war, it’s YOU POLITICIANS & SUPERRICH & MILITARY! And they would be right.

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      Posted by Historian | Sep 14, 2014, 23:31
      • HISTORIAN,
        Germany economy can afford to live without Russian gas and oil because is a high-tech economy and society. Usually this class of countries have more room to make energy cuts and change the sources of energy. I am not talking about Military capacity, right now what matters are economics, financial and technological capacities and from this point of view NATO has the upper hand, it’s own them.

        It is true that many countries in the EU will suffer, but who cares? Countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland are already suffering under German EU rule and we are in pre-war cycle.

        The driving forces behind A. Merkel behavior to conquer Ukraine are the same forces that drove before the Kaiser and Hitler to conquer Ukraine, crops and industrial assets, anything else is just conversation.


        Posted by Obi-Juan | Sep 15, 2014, 14:33
      • Yep, @Obi-Juan, you are right about the flexibility of German’s energy trade & assets – but to be forced to use it due to market conditions usually comes with a hefty price. It’s not unusual to pay about 130 € per month for gas and electricity consumption in a small city flat, with prices of the local energy companies constantly rising, because the cities are shareholders and need the money. Germany consumes some 25% of its gas in Russian gas, if I remember correctly – with very, very good deals in trusted partnership, well, that was the case a few months ago. To change such deals would mean for a lot of poor people (we have at least 10 to 20 millions of them) to either freeze in the winter, or using up any savings, or taking credit. Government for example is paying a fixed budget for household consumption of energy, if people are living from welfare money (usually not enough), they would have to decide to pay for warmth, housing or food, if prices were rising – but they could not afford all of this. I estimate some 10 million people being in a very grave situation financially in Germany – so that’s the state of the ‘European Paradise’ – with the situation in France, Italy and Spain much worse – and in Greece people are killing themselves because of hunger (nobody talks about that).

        And I really doubt, that NATO is capable of any serious conventional warfare against anybody. Equipment is dated, army budgets are cut for a long time now (e.g. in Germany), number of forces are low, combat training is lacking – and most important: there is no budget for warfare planned by any European nation – they are barely managing to pay their debts – how could you finance a modern large-scale war by that!? Germany alone has about 2,2 € (US-)TRILLION official state debts, they don’t know, how to pay all the soldiers, policemen, teachers, judges, doctors and scientists and all the pensioners in the near future – how could Germany fight a conventional modern war!? Russia in comparison is nearly debt-free and has invested alot in its military infrastructure, modernizing its forces constantly over the last decade. I would estimate, that Russian Army is one of the world’s best trained armies – and it even shows in Donbas, how much could be achieved with Russian tactics and willpower alone.

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        Posted by Historian | Sep 16, 2014, 02:15
      • HISTORIAN,
        You are right and you mention something very important, the German debt 2.2€ trillion, that means almost 90% debt/GDP for Germany, small if you compare with other EU countries such as England, Ireland, Greece or USA (105 Debt/GDP if you don’t take in consideration the other unaccounted debts) Japan (+ 150% Debt/GDP) and this accumulated capital of debts without any possibility for payment is the driving forces behind the NATO behavior all around the world. Obi Juan


        Posted by Obi-Juan | Sep 16, 2014, 14:07
      • ” … that means almost 90% debt/GDP for Germany … ” [Obi-Juan]

        Right, and that is also only ‘official public debt’ without the ‘hidden’ financial duties like the escalating pensions the government has to finance for the next decade(s), because of an overpaid and blown-up bureaucracy with not much real market value (much of Germany’s ‘wealth’ == overpaid state and federal country officials).

        France has reached its 100% dept/GDP limit, which is always a critical mark (banksters are whispering: well, France falls next … it is already, but noone wants to name it). Italy is far beyond that … is clearly beyond 130% (have to look it up).

        And this Trio is the Column of EU – Germany, France, Italy – if anybody of this Trio falls, the Euro and the EU are gone.

        ” … this accumulated capital of debts without any possibility for payment is the driving forces behind the NATO behavior all around the world.” [Obi-Juan]

        Exactly. Which is worrying me. It seems to be, that US-EU is grabbing for any possibility to make some big money – like oil and gas fields in the Black Sea and all over Ukraine (especially Donbas). They tried it before in the Middle East – plundering and securing the oil fields of Iraq first, trying to establish a 2-front-scenario for a future war against Iran (more oil) from Iraq and Afghanistan … and failed miserably.


        Posted by Historian | Sep 16, 2014, 16:41
      • HISTORIAN,
        Look’s like we are in the same frequency, congratulations!!


        “It seems to be, that US-EU is grabbing for any possibility to make some big money – like oil and gas fields in the Black Sea and all over Ukraine (especially Donbas). They tried it before in the Middle East – plundering and securing the oil fields of Iraq first, trying to establish a 2-front-scenario for a future war against Iran (more oil) from Iraq and Afghanistan”

        I agree, but:

        ” … and failed miserably.”

        No so fast, the empire of the 1% has a lot of resources and it is very patient, even though lately has become very desperate due their failures.

        Besides, they make war in this way IF they win others will pay the debt, if not good bye!

        Coming back to my initial point:

        t”he whole theory and campaign initiated by El Murid, Strelkov, the Saker and others that the actual Putin approach to the Ukrainian Civil war has been wrong due the existence of “traitors” and “5th column” around Putin doesn’t make any sense.”

        Let’s see in a few months if there is any purge, in my opinion it will not be any, maybe just a few changes.

        Obi Juan


        Posted by Obi-Juan | Sep 16, 2014, 19:42
      • Heh … :), what a rare moment in political discussions, indeed! 🙂 …

        Yeah, hard to estimate for me, how much fuel is left in da tank of the Big Brother Empire … my guts are telling me: 10%. But I speculate, of course.

        To your initial point (the ‘traitors-‘ and ‘purge’-thing):

        I think, as you and others have said here, Putin is a mastermind of balancing the forces constantly – must be a hell of a struggle at the Kreml, but he has the brainpower to use different ideological strata of society.

        The whole Strelkov/Borodai/Gubarev/El-Murid/Mozgovoi-case is a strange one for me. They all share similar Russian Right Wing ideals – so much Right Wing, that alot of people feared: Novorussia seems to be a White Project – that means: an Extremistic, even Czaristic/Uber-Stalinistic-Experiment. That is only partially ‘useful’ for Putin, e.g. to INITIATE a conflict with the Western forces. But ambitious people like Strelkov should not get too much power – or Putin makes them resign. It’s all about moderation of a Civil War, which BOTH sides – Kiev and Moscow – organized and executed in different ways. Right now, I think, Strelkov and his friends are very hurt – because THEY ARE THE ONES WHO GOT ‘PURGED’! And therefore they are talking alot about ‘purging the traitors’ and stuff … . Putin is the only one, who decides about purging – and he would not talk about it in public, but just do it. Strelkov and friends should be more self-reflective, if their world-view could be a solution to the problems of the Donbas people. Which I really doubt.


        Posted by Historian | Sep 17, 2014, 15:02
      • HISTORIAN,

        I I totally agree, therefore it is possible that they want to come back in business more than conduct any fantastic purge with people that they cannot identify by names. Furthermore Fedorov declaration that the purge will be conducted following a mathematical equation is a joke.

        2. Strelkov/Borodai/Gubarev/El-Murid/Mozgovoi
        I believed that Strelkov/Gubarev/El-Murid are russian white monarchist and Borodai/Mozgovoi more close to a socialism approach. My conclusion is due to the last Mozgovoi declarations about the oligarchs and the final goals of the struggle.

        3. “Strelkov and friends should be more self-reflective, if their world-view could be a solution to the problems of the Donbas people. Which I really doubt.”
        I totally agree. I believe that the NovoRussia struggle is not only of National Liberation for the people with Russian roots and also a social struggle for a NovoRussia (and the whole world) without oligarchs. Therefore a struggle against the 1% and their representatives.

        4. “hard to estimate for me, how much fuel is left in da tank of the Big Brother Empire … my guts are telling me: 10%. But I speculate, of course.”
        I don’t know how much fuel in the tank of the NATO empire remains, a lot people such as Dmitry Orlov talks a lot about an American collapse for the last 14 years, and nothing happen. But mark my words if they cannot conquer for a cheap price, they will destroy everything, examples: Libya, Syria, Irak, Somalia, Lebanon, Afghanistan and now Ukraine. Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, India, Argentina…are in the list.

        Obi Juan


        Posted by Obi-Juan | Sep 17, 2014, 19:38
      • Holy Moly, we really understand each other’s topics here, @Obi-Juan.

        Yes, I agree, there are some more socialist ideas coming up lately in the interviews, hard to say, if these are new ‘ideals’/political goals to strife for – or more to the core of the wishes of the majority of Donbas people, who are traditionally very ‘red’, not ‘white’. I feel a bit bitter for Mozgovoi, this guy fights very hard for his own soil – as he is a citizen of Donbas – and he always believed in Strelkov, but maybe he experiences some kind of double bind/mix of ideas, as he seems to be much more down to earth than Strelkov, don’t know. Could be, that Mozgovoi really feels betrayed and left alone from different people of the conflict, unlike Strelkov – who is a stranger in Donbas and knew his role right from the start, only being hurt by his dismissal from some top command, which is a very privileged position.

        Yes, @Obi-Juan, the appetite for destruction of the West is clearly visible for a long time now – it’s a culturally aggressive stance, which is not easy for me to understand, because the roots of it could reach very deeply in some kind of collective psychosis – the fear of losing the paradise which was taken for granted – and this happening on an ecological, economical and political level at the same time and very rapidly.


        Posted by Historian | Sep 17, 2014, 22:58
      • Of course, I mean: the West’s appetite for destruction … 🙂


        Posted by Historian | Sep 17, 2014, 23:11
      • HISTORIAN,
        you said: “I agree, there are some more socialist ideas coming up lately in the interviews, hard to say, if these are new ‘ideals’/political goals to strife for – or more to the core of the wishes of the majority of Donbas people, who are traditionally very ‘red’, not ‘white’. I feel a bit bitter for Mozgovoi,”

        I believe that the big problem that the freedom fighters have, is the lack of a political organization (a party) with clear goals for the national and class struggle of the NovoRussia, Ukraine and Transcarpathia people.

        You can see that the communist party of Ukraine was collaborating with poroshenko and kiev fascist junta, when their followers were grilled alive in Odessa and killed in Donbas!!!!! Incredible! With people like that you don’t need enemies.

        Mozgovoi has been doing pretty good speeches lately, but it is not enough. I have not too much information about Borotba and the Peoples Front for the Liberation of NovoRussia, Ukraine and Transcarpathia parties that could be a good alternative. Besides the NovoRussia state structure has to be created quickly to confront whatever is coming this winter, with or without fascist offensive.

        The struggle will be long and will be much better for the freedom and justice lovers of the world that the final outcome of the Ukraine civil war is a new society without oligarchs. Obi Juan


        Posted by Obi-Juan | Sep 18, 2014, 00:39
      • A new society without oligarchs, yes, indeed, @Obi-Juan, that should be the political main objective for Donbas at least.

        I don’t know much about Borotba and the political alternatives either. Borotba seems to have a traditional foothold in Donbas, but seems to be not a very large or popular Leftist group of people, but maybe I am wrong.

        The face of Novorussia will be very militaristic for the next years, I guess, as this war is far from over – and beside the lack of political organization: the major problem will be civilian life, income, work, economy in Donbas. Could be, that Donetsk and Lugansk will stay as some ghost towns of a warzone, occupied by military, for a long time, as alot of refugees don’t want to come back.


        Posted by Historian | Sep 18, 2014, 20:24
    • Putin is not Stalin, and if the Russian Oligarchs are all and always behind Putin (and Russia) is indeed a different matter. I had yesterday a chance to ask an Russian official about the Minsk protocol and yesterday’s Rada legislation to grant autonomy to the East-Ukraine as part of a peace deal. This autonomy will expire in three years and what will a new Rada do? On the same day Ukraine’s parliament ratified an agreement to deepen economic and political ties with the European Union. The Ruble plunges to the deepest level that very day. The next day Nato begins military exercises in Ukraine literally boasting on twitter how the train them on US weapons. My impression from the diplomats answer was , Russia actively deescalated to freeze this conflict from their side. Putin played well so far, but must play the hand given to him and on top of it watching that the other side does not cheat. Even more diificult for Novorossiya, to say the least.


      Posted by afdmunich (@afdmunich) | Sep 17, 2014, 08:25
      • ” … Russia actively deescalated to freeze this conflict from their side.” [AFDMunich]

        Remarkable. That’s my impression, indeed.

        Keep posting your inside and connection knowledge, @AFD … . 🙂


        Posted by Historian | Sep 17, 2014, 15:12
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    On the threshold, we may not be in 1914 yet, but we must be in 1912…


    Posted by Sisyphus47 | Sep 13, 2014, 15:00
  9. I agree in principle with most of what I understand in the article. It seems gloomier, however, than my own vision of Russia as a land of economic and technological strength, and of Putin as a man of power and integrity. You said, “Who was it in the Russian elite and the state apparatus that exerted pressure on or deceived the Russian President – the latter knows best.” I agree Putin is under huge pressure, but I doubt he has been deceived.


    Posted by konar | Sep 13, 2014, 15:59
  10. "This is what happens when you let one small group (Freemasons) dominate Western Political…" #Novorossiya #Russia http://t.co/bzi886cU1N— Freemasonry Watch (@FreemasonWatchn) September 13, 2014


    Posted by Freemasonry Watch (@FreemasonWatchn) | Sep 13, 2014, 16:40
  11. Obama, Merkel, France, they have all said repeatedly they will NOT go to war for the Kiev hunta. That is especially true if Russia helps liberate Novorossia and Malorossia (the central parts). The rest, western Ukraine, Galicia is of no interest to anyone. This is what Putin should do. The west gets Galicia, Russia gets the rest and there is NO war. Europe will NOT risk Russian missiles on their cities to please anyone!


    Posted by neo | Sep 13, 2014, 18:59
    • I don’t want Galicia. I think it should be an isolated state of its own. They can grow potatoes and beetroots and make nice flag and torch processions in honor of Bandera.


      Posted by sergderbst | Sep 17, 2014, 19:06
  12. It is clear to a blind man where this is leading. It walks, talks, and smells like a duck, its probably a duck. Time to cut the head off the snake before it eates the eggs.


    Posted by igor smitten | Sep 13, 2014, 20:30
  13. Most people, and particularly the Russians, cannot seem to realize how completely evil the US government handlers are and how currupt and paid for are the EU political whores.
    These are just gangsters and mafiosi which are continuously lying to the general public to the extent that they even get to believe their own lies.
    Perhaps things could get better if people no longer believed the western press and TV.
    Recently we witnessed three fake beheadings committed by fake Isis actors just to get the sheeple to support war against Syria and most sheeple were stupid enough to believe all this hollywood “mise en scène”.
    If humanity doesn’t wake up and if this evil isn’t stopped humanity will be condemned through WW III..

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    Posted by BAB | Sep 15, 2014, 23:49
    • All those who believe the Western media and the TV are brain dead.

      In the USA there are 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines and 2,400 publishers owned by only 6 Globalist/Zionist controlled corporations.

      The Jewish American elites who own the TV and the Press keep on lying. See:


      Posted by BAB | Sep 17, 2014, 19:04
  14. The USA is going to be dragged into a full blown war with Russia if this kind of fecal material showed in Porky’s speech and the “standing ovations” continue.

    In the last 24 hours, like Doomer Doug predicted, there has been a large military onslaught against Porky’s Nazi boys and girls. Video after video is showing still more charred corpses and burnt military machines. The West has completely ignored Porky’s reign of war crimes, ethnic cleansing, torture and unrestricted infrastructure destruction. PORKY AND THE WEST ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT BIG TIME. He, Porky sending in a few anti aircraft guns and missiles has no relevance at this point. It is another sign of how truly incompetent Porky the War monger really is.

    Porky needs mechanized infantry, with close air, close ground armor and artillery support. What he has is a few Nazi clones, a whole bunch of draftees, volunteers and some foreign mercs. Porky has no effective air force. Porky has no effective infantry, armor or commando units. He has some self propelled howitzers, some anti aircraft guns and missiles and that is pretty much it.

    I am saying that within the next 72 hours ALL trapped Porky the warmonger units are going to get whacked but good. The Russians have enough artillery, armor and mechanized infantry to kick some serious butt. The Russians are moving into the final Fall phase that will be done by Halloween. Over the next five weeks or so, Porky’s “Army of the East” is going to cease to exist. In fact, it really doesn’t exist in terms of offensive ability at all. It is encircled, at the airports, in Maripol and various other enclaves. The Russians foolishly allowed the cease fire and allowed NATO and Porky to ship some military stuff in to avoid a total collapse. Well, Porky and NATO didn’t get enough stuff in to matter.

    The reports of “heavy” fighting around two or three trapped Porky indicate to me these trapped units will be eliminated between 3 and 10 days from now. The destruction of the power plant is another one of these defining and decisive moments for the Russians. Any Porky forces involved in the power plant shelling will be exterminated down the last man. The forces at the airport are going to be crushed. The Russians now have to ability to MASS ARMOR AND INFANTRY against specific targets, which is something they only were able to do in the last three weeks.

    If you remember the “last stand fight” a while back, you will note the Russians have not lost a single city since then, nor have they lost any further ground. Porky has been “trying” to do this, or do that, AND HE HASN’T ACHIEVED ONE SINGLE GOAL OF HIS RECONQUEST PROGRAM. Instead, his forces have been routinely encircled and destroyed in their panicked break out attempts.

    I am predicting that several thousand, maybe as much as 10,000 Porky military people are going to die in the next two weeks as the encircled groups are cleansed by fire. The branding of the Russian POW pretty much means nobody is taking POW’s at this point.


    Posted by doomer doug | Sep 19, 2014, 01:08
    • – Your report is terrifying for those who praise the value of a single human life as a preciosity from God. War is Evil itself.
      – I know I have to wake up to the atrocities that human kind has made to itself, and always will do until we destroy ourselves for good.
      – I see Russia is moving to avert ANOTHER big war in Europe, as it would serve US interests , only: shatter Europe as a competitor, deny their debts, coerce Russia to back off, rise their industry selling weapons to Europe, cut China’s supplies.
      – Crushing fascism in Ukraine is vital to avert WW3 by now , but Amerika will find other paths … they are desperate before an imminent collapse, and deadly need to trigger a global conflagration in an attempt to turn tables
      – I live in Southern Hemisphere, and I breath in temporary relief when geography pundits assure us here that Equator winds resulted from Earth’s rotation are able to reflect back all wind currents back to its own respective Hemisphere, thus temporarily “assuring” us here tiny hopes of survival from lethal radioactive clouds, when Northern Hemisphere countries blast each other in a final nuclear war.


      Posted by Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL | Sep 21, 2014, 01:14
      • – Western “Psychopats in Power” have controlled the planet for five centuries, now Eurasia’s rise can shut their grip for good.
        – They see the world just as preys while they are hunters, simple like that. Britain have invaded all countries but six in entire planet, so is Amerika.
        – They are desperate , they are mass murderers , rest assured they won’t back off , as their arrogance and hubris will not allow sanity prevail.
        – You guys here talk as if it’ll be a “limited” nuclear war , this is utter insanity , you should all provide yourselves with a rabbit hole, and pray there’ll be water and food when you get out of there , after a lethal nuclear winter fallout dominates entire continents. Think of a billion Tchernobyls , or a million Fukushimas. Nowhere to go.


        Posted by Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL | Sep 21, 2014, 01:31
        • http://www.tomatobubble.com/id686.html

          A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the Present World Situation

          1998 – 2000

          Powerful elites and influential think tanks forecast a coming period of American aggression. Zbigniew Brzezinski speaks for the Globalist faction of the western PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) in ‘The Grand Chessboard’, a book in which he openly advocates for bolder American action in dominating the Eurasian land mass.

          During this same period, the ‘neo-conservative’ faction of the PRC, represented by people like Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney, begin agitating for America to overthrow any government in the Middle East that stands in the way of Israel’s domination of the region. To that end, Kagan and Kristol found a group called PNAC (Project for the New American Century).

          The two overlapping factions are often ‘on the same page’, and yet often at odds too. Globalists are generally more focused on surrounding and subverting the Russia-China bloc, ultimately creating a ‘unipolar world’ (New World Order). The neo-con Zionists are generally in agreement, but their main emphasis is to help Israel expand and develop into the dominant regional power in that area of the world.

          Think of these factions as competing ‘Mafia’ families. They are still part of the same overall power structure, but with competing interests at certain times and in certain areas.

          Friendly Rivals
          Globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski and Neo-Con Robert Kagan both called for a more aggressive role in US foreign policy. Both of them also cited, in writing, the need for a “new Pearl Harbor” to rally public support for their ambitious foreign policy objectives.
          Brzezinski / 1999 (Pearl Harbor quote)
          Kagan & Friends / 2000 (New Pearl Harbor quote)
          * Kagan is married to Victoria Nuland (Nudelman). Keep her name in mind because she will come back into play later on in this narrative.


          In the wake of the very strange, and very convenient ‘Pearl Harbour’ type attacks of 9-11-2001, General Wesley Clark learns that the pro-Israeli neo-conservatives within the Bush-Cheney administration plan to overthrow the governments of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and several other states. Clark did not go public with this claim until 2007.

          General Clark alleged that the traumatic destruction of 9/11 enabled an aggressive foreign policy to be implemented; even though none of the targeted nations had anything to do with 9/11.


          Though plans did not exactly unfold according to the 5 year time-table, subsequent events confirm General Clark’s allegations.
          Saddam (Iraq), Dead / Qaddafi (Libya), Dead / Assad (Syria), still hanging on!

          SPRING 2013

          US and Saudi-supplied terrorist ‘rebels’ are losing their fight to overthrow Assad of Syria. Toward the goal of helping the mostly foreign mercenary ‘rebels’, the US, with Israeli and American neo-con urging, seeks a pretext to begin the bombing of Syrian government positions.

          Warmongering Senator McCain visits the ‘rebels’ in Syria; most of whom are foreign fighters.

          JUNE 2013

          Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Israel to pay a visit to the notorious warmongering Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu.
          In strong yet diplomatic terms, the pro-Syrian President of Russia expresses his opposition to any strike against Syria or Iran.

          Unlike American leaders who grovel before Netanyahu, Putin was not afraid to go to Israel and speak frankly to the Prime Minister.Both Putin and Assad have a huge base of support in Syria.

          SUMMER 2013

          Russia and China have consistently urged peace.
          An angry Hillary Clinton declares: “Russia and China will pay a price for standing up for the Assad regime.”
          Born-again neo-con Hillary openly threatened Russia and China over Syria.

          Under pressure from the neo-cons and the Israel Lobby, Obama announces a ‘red line’. He states that if the Syrian government were to fire chemical weapons at the ‘rebels’, the US would be forced to intervene.

          *IMPORTANT REMINDER: Obama’s handlers are more closely affiliated with that wing of America’s foreign policy Establishment whose main project is the gradual encirclement and subversion of Russia and China (Soros, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinski etc). Unlike the neo-con faction, Middle East wars for Israel are generally regarded by this bunch of ‘One Worlders’ as a waste of political capital.

          How did Obama know that a ‘gas attack’ was coming?

          SUMMER 2013
          Predictably, and right on cue, an alleged ‘gas attack’ of dubious origin occurs in Syria – just a few weeks after Obama’s warning! It is claimed in the hysterical Western Yellow Press that children were among the victims of Assad’s ‘gas’.

          Images of the “poison gas” attacks had a fake, staged quality to them. Did the attacks actually happen? If so, would it not have been more to the ‘rebel’s’ advantage to blame Assad and draw the US directly into the conflict?

          SUMMER 2013

          President Assad strongly denies the accusation and invites an international investigation into the alleged occurrence. Assad compares the accusation to the false claims of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which were levelled against Iraq in 2002 & 2003.

          Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh is convinced that Assad was framed for gas attacks. (here)
          It wasn’t the first time that the US government and the New York Times tried to lie America into a war.

          SUMMER 2013

          The Obama administration ignores Assad’s denials and begins preparations for war. Meanwhile, Netanyahu of Israel continues his attempts to induce a Syrian attack against Israel. Assad will not take America’s nor Israel’s bait, but he does threaten retaliation in the event of a full scale attack upon Syria.

          Netanyahu actually dropped a massive bomb on a Syrian position, killing scores of Syrian soldiers. Assad did not respond to this inexplicable act of war, which Senators McCain & Graham (above with Netanyahu) fully supported.

          SUMMER 2013

          The leaders of the America’s major Jewish organizations combine to issue a joint statement in support of waging war against Syria. The Washington Post refers to the Israel Lobby’s campaign for war as “full court press”.
          McCain’s annual anti-Syria & anti-Iran rants before the all mighty AIPAC (America’s Israel Lobby) always draw wild applause.

          SUMMER 2013

          The American public awakens from its slumber and begins inundating White House and Congressional switchboards with angry phone calls against the war.
          Angry Americans show up at a ‘town hall’ to rip John McCain a new butt-hole over his support for bombing Syria.

          SUMMER 2013

          Russia, China, Syria and Iran stage war games in the Mediterranean. The strong hand played by Putin & friends causes Obama to blink, or at least gives him the out that he needed.
          American aggression has drawn Russia and China closer together than ever before.
          SUMMER 2013

          Russia offers a deal in which Syria agrees to surrender its chemical weapons in exchange for peace and Russia’s continued protection. Obama-Kerry eagerly seize upon the line which Putin has masterfully thrown to them.

          US Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov work out a deal to avoid war; but the game isn’t over. The Western and Israeli warmongers never sleep.

          FALL 2013

          The war with Syria (and Iran) is averted. Netanyahu and the neo-con warmongers go back to the drawing board.

          WINTER 2013
          CIA ‘rent-a-mobs’, malcontents, and assorted dupes and activists begin forming in Kiev, Ukraine. Their ultimate aim is to overthrow the Russia-friendly government of Ukraine and replace it with US-EU puppets.
          Senator McCain the Insane soon arrives in Kiev to incite the restless mob with shouts of “America stands with you!”
          McCain the Insane arrives in Ukraine, stirring up trouble, yet again!
          Also stirring trouble is US Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (Nudelman). Nuland is the wife of arch ‘neo-conservative’ luminary Robert Kagan; one of the principal architects of the never-ending ‘War on Terror’. In addition to the cookies that she handed out to the ‘pro-US’ mobs, Nuland has also helped to dole out billions of dollars in ‘pro-democracy investment’ in Ukraine, all on the backs of US taxpayers.
          FEBRUARY 2014

          Emboldened by McCain, Nuland-Kagan, and other Western interlopers, and also by the timidity of Ukraine’s elected President Yanukovich, the Kiev mob turns violent. Incredibly, Obama and his NATO puppets urge Yanukovich to “show restraint” toward the “peaceful protesters”.

          When McCain’s rent-a-mobs and dupes turned violent, Obama and The New York Times continued to refer to them as “peaceful protesters”.
          The masked Israeli Commander ‘Delta’ and his team fought to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine.

          True story! Among the violent thugs in Kiev were a group of former Israeli commandos. (Here)
          What would be Israel’s motivation to establish a new anti-Russian Ukrainian government on Putin’s front door-step? Ask McCain and Netahyahu

          FEBRUARY 2014

          As the Winter Olympics in Russia draws to a close, the Ukrainian government is violently overthrown and replaced by US-EU puppets hostile to Russia.
          Yanukovich flees for his life to Russia.
          Putin’s duly elected ally, Yanukovich is out. The hand-picked puppets of Nuland-Kagan and McCain then come to power in Ukraine.

          MARCH 2014

          The Crimean Russians declare their separation from the illegitimate puppet-gangster state which they did not support.
          Crimeans, by a margin of 97%, vote to rejoin their historic Russian Motherland. Russian speaking Ukrainians in the East also begin to resist the new Kiev regime.

          What the Western Press falsely described as an “invasion” and a “conquest”, was actually a joyous reunification of the Crimean peninsula with its Russian Motherland. These people wanted nothing to do with the violent puppet-gangsters of Kagan’s Kiev.

          SUMMER 2014

          The West falsely accuses Russia of orchestrating the instability in eastern Ukraine. Sanctions are imposed as the Kiev puppets bomb and attack their own people.

          The new puppet President Petro Poroshenko is hated in the eastern half of his country (and not all that popular in the western part either).
          But Obama and his EU poodles just love the bloody billionaire tyrant.

          SUMMER 2014

          Russia resists the deliberate provocations of puppet Kiev and refuses to invade Ukraine, which, though not yet a member, has the backing of NATO.
          The freedom fighters of the eastern Ukraine beat back Kiev’s disorganized and demoralized military as the NATO nations begin to quietly position their forces.

          The eastern rebels have captured many Ukrainian military personnel; many of whom are helpless conscripts who now hate puppet President Porky Poroshenko.
          NATO’s relentless eastward expansion, right up to Russia’s Baltic State borders (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), now poses a direct threat to Russia.

          SUMMER 2014

          Meanwhile, in the Far East, the US puppet states of Japan, Vietnam and Philippines escalate their petty agitations of China.
          Japan announces that it will amend its pacifist Constitution and build up its military.

          Although Obama’s Globalist faction and the anti-Obama neo-cons share a common interest in menacing the Russia-China alliance, the motives are different.
          Obama still would prefer to avoid a Middle Eastern war, and focus on inciting wars against Russia and China instead.
          The anti-China Puppet Presidents of Vietnam and Philippines are on America’s Mafia payroll too.

          SUMMER 2014

          Out of nowhere, a new ‘bogeyman’ with a creative name is introduced to frighten the world.
          A militarized terror group known as ‘ISIS’ (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) begins to carry out atrocities in Iraq and Syria.
          How this ‘spontaneous’ force managed to fund, arm and organize itself right under the cyber-nose of the NSA, and beyond the knowledge of the ‘on-the-ground’ intelligence capabilities of the CIA, M 16 and Mossad remains a mystery.
          The ISIS ‘bogeymen’ is nothing but a strategic repackaging of the very same terrorist ‘rebels’ that the US-Saudi-Israeli Axis has been financing and controlling all along. In this latest reincarnation, ISIS is “the bad guys”.

          SUMMER 2014

          Like a Grade ‘B’ movie, ISIS stages a trio of fake ‘beheadings’ of two alleged ‘journalists’ (always a good CIA cover) and an ‘aid worker’ (also a typical cover). Through an Israeli linked ‘media group’ called ‘SITE’, the videos are posted on You Tube. In one of the videos, the masked actor calls out Obama by name; essentially daring him to send American troops to come and get him. These corny-ass videos, as well as the mushy TV interviews of the ‘grieving relatives of the deceased’ (more lousy actors) are really quite amusing.

          The fake ‘beheading’ videos cut away just as the throats of the strangely calm ‘victims’ are about to be cut by the really bad actors in black. The ‘victims’ (an American, an American-Israeli, and a Brit) don’t even squirm!
          Intense media pressure builds for Obama to “do something” in order to “stop ISIS”.

          The headline story about the Foley video being fake was quickly ‘disappeared’.

          David Haines / Rita Katz

          As this piece was being published (September 13, 2014), the third phony ‘beheading’ video was just released. All videos come to us from a purported media organization known as ‘SITE’ (Search for International Terrorist Entities) SITE was founded and run by Rita Katz, an Iraqi born Israeli operative and veteran of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). How is she getting the exclusive for these videos?

          SEPTEMBER 2014

          As he did exactly 1 year ago, the outmaneuvered Obama is forced to announce his intention to bomb Syria, (under the pretext of bombing ISIS).
          This time around, the US can claim a “moral” reason for doing so – to stop the ‘beheaders’ of ISIS!
          With Russia and China now facing potential wars to deal with in their own backyards, the door is open to Israel’s long awaited US war on Syria, then Iran.

          This time around, thanks to the shocking ISIS “beheading” You Tube videos, Obama was able to get away with telling the nation (on the eve of 9/11 of course) that it is necessary to bomb Iraq and Syria.
          With Putin now preoccupied with the possibility of a US-EU-Israel – engineered war in Eastern Europe, will Russia still be able to protect Assad?

          SEPTEMBER 2014

          The Syrian government has stated, on several occasions, that any bombing of ISIS positions carried out without its permission and its cooperation, would be considered an act of aggression. How long will it be before the Syrian forces and American aircraft come into direct conflict?

          Syria’s Russian-made air defense systems are state-of-the-art. What happens if they rightfully decide to shoot down unauthorized US aircraft?

          SEPTEMBER 2014

          Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sees right through the related Ukraine and ISIS manoeuvres:

          “There are reasons to suspect that air strikes on Syrian territory may target not only areas controlled by Islamic State militants, but the government troops may also be attacked on the quiet to weaken the positions of Bashar Assad’s army.”

          Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran’s National Security expsoses the trick too:

          “On the pretext of fighting terrorism, the United States wants to pursue unilateral policies and violate the sovereignty of states.
          Washington is trying to divert the eyes of the world from its pivotal role in supporting and equipping the terrorists in Syria in a bid to topple the legitimate regime.”

          When he visited Syria in 2012, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was given a hero’s welcome.

          If the U.S. does start bombing in Syria, it will be just a matter of time before Syrian forces and American aircraft come into hostile contact. What the response from Russia, Iran and China will then be is anyone’s guess.
          That may be the key point in the grand chess match in which the Baltic States and China Sea pieces are played against the Russia-China alliance.

          How bloody damn convenient that the strange and sudden rise of ISIS, the sinister events in Ukraine, and the anti-China manoeuvres in the Pacific (and Africa too), should all fit so neatly together, benefiting the Globalist agenda of the ‘powers-that-be’.

          The only question now seems to be; will the eventual big war kick off in the Middle East (as Netanyahu & the neo-cons want), or in Eastern Europe (as Obama and certain EU whores prefer)?

          Pick your poison America!


          Posted by BAB | Sep 21, 2014, 22:43
      • Dear Francisco

        Thank you for your good post.

        The psychopaths who have the real power are not those who occupy the front of the scene and one does not hear about them much, like for example Kissinger and Brzezinski.

        Obama is just a puppet and has to follow the advice of AIPAC and CFR.
        These people are not interested in peace. They just want World Conquest just for their own profit and care not for simple people needs and despise the peoples of their own nations.
        WWIII in fact started some years ago, I would suggest with Kosovo.
        Ukraine in just one battle in a global theatre.

        However WWIII isn’t a conventional war but is being fought by means of the Western lying press, by means of lies and deception stirring up trouble in the targeted nations, by means of proxy militants used to over through sovereign governments and to replace them by bought for whores and obeying puppet politicians.

        Here to is a try to see through what is really happening:


        Posted by BAB | Sep 21, 2014, 22:50
  15. Why do you think there have been so few survivors from the Ukrainian military units that have been slaughtered the last two months? Why do you think Porky just admitted 60 percent of his military no longer exists.

    The ethnic Russians took any Ukrainian troops that managed to live through the attack and took them out in the woods and shot them.

    The Ukrainian military has been engaged in systematic, large scale war crimes all over any territory they “conquered.” If you remember the early scenes where they led off male civilians, well nobody ever saw them again. They will be finding mass graves for decades into the future.

    The West is making excuses for, fully supporting, Nazi clone war criminals in Kiev. And I am telling you this squalid support for Kiev is going to turn Europe TOXIC for generations into the future.

    There is NO way for any potential political compromise between Kiev and the Ethnic Russians. Putin is going to get GROUND INTO THE MUD now that the Russian people see what he ignored for several weeks. Putin is an accessory to Kiev’s war crimes since he did NOTHING to intervene. You may rest assured both the Russian military and people will not forget Putin’s cowardice and political scheming.

    No wonder the man went to see those secluded monks: the man has a lot of innocent blood to answer for.

    The hatred level in the Ukraine now can be cut with a chainsaw.


    Posted by Ivan Cunivan | Sep 24, 2014, 02:38


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