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Alexey Mozgovoi: I Will Continue to the End!


Alexey Mozgovoi, September 4, 2014: Against the Oligarchs and False Politicians. For the People.

Novorossiya shall be! Oligarchs out! Power to the real, common people! This is our [first] chance in many decades to build an equitable, human and humane society.


There are so many who did not like what was begun and do not want to push it to its logical conclusion!

They only have money, offices and portfolios in their heads! But why did the people of the South-East rise up??? Was it just so that they could lose countless lives, lose their livelihoods, lose their confidence in the future?

If we are fighting for the interests of the people, is it not up to the people themselves to decide the outcome of this struggle? See it through completely…

Who among these so-called members of the governments of the DPR and the LPR bothered to ask the opinion of the Militiamen, who lose their comrades in battles; the opinion of the relatives, who lost fathers, sons and daughters in this struggle for the right to live free and to choose their own path? I believe none of them did. All this seems to be a farce; a spectacle, in which the role of the people of Novorossiya is to be extras on the set.

There have now been several stages of this betrayal of Novorossiya (including the ‘resignation’ of Igor Ivanovich Strelkov). In my opinion, right now, we are witnessing another attempt, by means of negotiations, to stop the resistance and to prevent the destruction of the oligarchic power in Ukraine. The fifth column in action… The transfer of power from the oligarchy to the people—right now this is the so-called international community’s nightmare. It became clear to everyone long ago that the world is ruled by the likes of Valtsman [Poroshenko], Chubais and the Rockefellers. For these, removal from power is akin to death.

And what do we see now? ARRANGEMENTS! And with whom? At the negotiating table: the venerable Kuchma! During his reign, the fat cats only gained momentum and swelled their appetites! Corruption soared to inexplicable heights. He should be prosecuted, not negotiated with! What will happen to the special status of Novorossiya, when all the same contract killers will remain? What guarantees can be discussed with people that have eliminated the word TRUTH from their vocabulary?

Only Kiev’s capitulation can resolve the current situation. Only a separation of business interests from government can offer the chance to build a state with a human face. And only the prosecution of those who hold power, of the world “elite” can enable the people to regain their dignity. Otherwise it was all for naught—all the slogans and all the victims.

Do we want to remain as marionettes in the hands of the armchair intellectuals? I am not satisfied with such a prospect! We did not take up arms just to stop halfway.

There always was and always will be fear. Right now, many are afraid of the coming winter. But this is animal fear. I am much more afraid of staying as a serf—of remaining an animal in the hands of the glossy feudal lords.

I will continue to the end! Until we reach the intended target! Until the full and unconditional victory of the free and proud Russian Slavic World!!!



33 thoughts on “Alexey Mozgovoi: I Will Continue to the End!

  1. Excellent article, and completely at odds with the appalling Jaques Sapir article ‘Putting politics back in the driving seat’ article printed here last week., The Kiev Nazis are psychopaths and sociopaths, and anyone who tries to accommodate their desires, or to negotiate with them, or who listens to their lies and believes them, is crazy. .
    But as the article says, such people want to sell their freedom and become slaves of the easy life, and to be citizens of United Snakes of Amerika (at a distance) and to support the endless war-crimes of Neocolonialism.. Nazi appeasers and French ‘cheese-eating yellow surrender monkeys’ like Sapir, in my opinion have no right to post such rubbish here, but then editorial decisions are not up to me.
    Thanks Alexey.


    Posted by Richard McDonald Brown. | Sep 6, 2014, 03:55
  2. Is Putin a traitor or is it some clever chess move on his part? I don’t know, but I see a lot of very patriotic Russians grasping for air as if their hearts are being ripped out of their chests…Indeed, many hearts were ripped out for real, and for what? Fot this? If Putin proves to be a traitor then Russia is done and over with, and nobody will lift a finger to protect him. VVP should think really carefully about what he is doing. His own fate is at stake here.
    Kudos to Mozgovoy! Fantastic man.


    Posted by Alec | Sep 6, 2014, 05:13
    • How can Russia ever be ‘done and over with’? By a pre-emptive nuclear strike possibly, although I would not bet on it even then. Although a nuclear war is exactly what the Neocons want.

      As far as I can see, President Putin always stood up against Fascism and Nazi ideals when no-one else in the west had the guts to, and they all merely followed the United Snakes of America’s line (and co-funded the endless Kiev-led war-crimes against civilians).

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Richard McDonald Brown. | Sep 6, 2014, 05:40
      • Richard, you are right, physically Russia will remain right where it is. Just a part of its soul – the best and most idealistic one – will be buried under the thick layer of cynicism. In today’s world that would be a huge loss. BTW, I am not denouncing Putin by any means. Yet. All I am doing is contemplating the possibility that he is not what everyone thought he would be. Time will tell. Russia has a rich history of disposing of weak or traitorous leaders, so there might be one more to get rid of. I hope you are right about VVP, but in the absense of the armistice’s details, and terrible optics of the deal, I can’t help but wonder.


        Posted by Alec | Sep 6, 2014, 06:09
  3. I am impressed by that man. He talks like Robespierre or Saint-Just. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union which was a demonstration of the failure of the cominism system, he is still hoping in the possibility of establishing a free and not corrupted society. He is at odd with the world’s tendency where the richs are getting richer (billionaires), the middle-class is disappearing, the working-class is loosing jobs and the poor are getting poorer.
    He wants to fight the ‘New World Empire’ managed by Washington and the Zionists but he should know that the only way to win that war is to have this Empire broke by boycotting the Dollar and preventing the Empire’s access to energy’s ressources.


    Posted by Jean de Peyrelongue | Sep 6, 2014, 05:58
  4. Alexey Mozgovoi highlights the conflict between Ukraine’s corrupt oligarch leadership, and the men fighting to save their people, homes, culture, language and religion in the east. One can see why the Oligarchs are now panicking and introduce a “ceasefire” when there is no stalemate, and the war stands a chance of being decided by a Novorossiya victory. What pressure was applied in Russia for such an apparent betrayal?

    Alexey Mozgovoi reminds me of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a man who rejected the west’s deifying of money and secular humanism as being remarkably similar to materialistic communism.

    Politically, Mozgovoi appears to be a nightmare for the Oligarchy, perhaps even more so than Strelkov who was ousted. Will he be removed too? There is a real chance for Novorossiya to “reboot” and start at least East Ukraine, if not all Ukraine with a leadership and system where corruption can be controlled, exposed, and despised, rather than hidden, embraced and extended as it is now. There is even the opportunity to take back Ukraine’s stolen assets and use them to support a government that cannot be easily bought. But more importantly, Mozgovoi has spoken of moral and spiritual revival. Righteousness and honour. Things that are an anathema to the western elite. How do you reliably bribe and corrupt people like that? I pray Novorossiya will be blessed.


    Posted by NZGOV | Sep 6, 2014, 05:59
  5. HI FROM CANADA…Its possible some of your top commanders or representatives of DPR or LPR know about this but in case you didnt I found this disturbing post on an RT article that in one way may well have been prevented through this Ceasefire…….. but on the other hand makes me incredibly suspicious that KIEV indeed is up to something very dirty and its becoming clearer must be very very wise and alert every minute over the next few days :
    Here is the disturbing information wether confirmed or unconfirmed I’ll post it anyways and hopefully it can be further investigated:

    News Flash about a planned US initiated attack told by Alexander Ivanovich:
    Thank you very much. I would like to ask journalists, politicians and the people a favor.
    Please defend Ukraine. I’m asking you to defend it like a territory in which it is still possible to live.
    Yesterday around 3 am Moscow time, we received confirmation from Kiev that a sinister provocation was in preparation.
    The United States of America are trying to use chemical weapons in Donbass with the help of fascists [Kiev forces].
    They will try to use these weapons in the following manner:
    They will first strike Donetsk and Luhansk, then within a 40-50 minutes interval they will strike the ammonia reservoirs.
    Then, if the consequences are really dire, within 20 hours they will strike again, but this time with real military chemical weapons, you understand?
    This diversion is designed to have barbaric consequences and here is what is being done to make it happen.

    Yesterday Mr. Biden, Vice-President of the United States led a cover-up operation on this information.
    It was officially determined what will be said, namely that Russia has fired missiles and heavy artillery on the Donbass territory. Why would they do this? What are these lies for? That is what is planned
    . When the Americans together with the junta strike elements that are dangerous for the environment, they will also say that it was done by Russia, that the Russians overlooked this important material and accidentally destroyed it, that is how the Russians are portrayed.

    Why am I saying all this?
    At first glance, the citizens will think: what can a lesser mortal like us do?
    Well if we do everything we can now to make this information widely known, then we will pull the rug from under the [Kiev Junta] Barbarians … They won’t be able to make these provocations throughout the world.
    That’s why I’m calling on journalists, regardless of the position you hold, whether it is for or against the junta and even on Poroshenko’s Channel 5, just let us defend Ukrainians
    . End the war once and for all, people must live there!
    And if we allow such a catastrophe to occur, Ukraine will not support two catastrophes, one which happened in Chernobyl and another one in Donbass. The country will then be paralyzed for hundreds of years.
    Therefore, in order to save the people, the children, the elderly, let’s unite, stand back-to-back to not let this happen.



    Posted by JEANNIE | Sep 6, 2014, 06:15
  6. In a perfect world the Ukranians would see the light and immediately oust their oligarchial rulers.. In reality however the war would drag on, many would die either by direct military death, or from the humanitarian crisis. Furthermore Putin is not the ‘owner’ of Novyrussia, but his country’s bearing the brunt of Western persecution over the conflict.

    Wars outside of the tactical arrangements are very direct and simple – generally one side versus another. Politics unfortunately is more complex, frustrating and disgusting, but is necessary.

    I think Putin does not want sectarian conflict to continue. In fact, he and Donbass sought ceasefires early on, as the ukrofascists were shelling the civilian areas of lugansk and donetsk. That it was done as Novyrussia gained the upper hand is disappointing, but the above realities weighed heavily.

    An Eastern Ukraine with autonomy can heavily influence the western half however.
    I think the current leader of Donbass might be able to generate much support in the west, as he’s shown himself to be capable and wise. If his legend grows, then perhaps the people of West Ukraine will seek his leadership as well. There’s a strong possibility that Poroshenko’s on very thin ice, as Ukrainian citizens wake up to the fact that all they’ve been fed are thin-air hopeburgers.


    Posted by justaYank | Sep 6, 2014, 07:13
    • Novorossia should be, glory to the immortal ideals of the communism !


      Posted by Andrea Fronti Napoli | Sep 6, 2014, 07:42
  7. I agree fully with this article, I was chocked when I heard about the ceasefire.. A ceasefire is something you do when you are losing or both sides are equal, but the NAF was just starting to win, everywhere. And what about the pockets with 10000+ troops in? Will all these just leave? Will they leave their gear?

    The oligarch will just use this time to reorganise, get advanced weapon and maybe even soldiers from NATO. This is Ukraine last chance for freedom, soon the oligarchy will have all the advanced weaponry from NATO and then resistanas will be impossible.

    Also Novorussia must be bigger, if Ukraine loses Donbas but the rest of the country goes to the oligarch-nazi regime then they will just join NATO and you will have 36 million hostile Ukranians at the border, brainwashed into hating themselves and Russia.

    There is only one viable action, the war must continue. Novorussia needs at the minimum a few more regions.

    I think there is a large chance the anti-oligarchy revolution was betrayed by Putin. Either for some long-term goal, or simply because he did not want more sanctions on Russia.. But if the revolution does not continue, then the people of Ukraine are lost forever.. IMF have already indebetted the country, the oligarchs are selling of Ukraine property to China and various international organisations. Look at all other countries USA has touched, that is Ukraine if the war is not won. Putin does not speak for the Novorussians, only the Novorussians can speak for themselves, and I fear this is just one step, into leaving Novorussia, the first was the removal of Strelkov, now there is a ceasefire and the leaders say “They have not abandone their Novorussia dream.” But that is just to please the soldiers, soon they will make som political arragement and it will all be over unless the NAF rises up and change leadership.


    Posted by Fri | Sep 6, 2014, 10:47
  8. God be with you, Alexey Mozgovoi! Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough like you – but the numbers are growing by the day. It is only a matter of time.

    Boris Kagarlitsky has written:

    “The same moods are growing, in the fashion of an avalanche, within Russia itself….

    Through apparatus intrigues, blackmail and manipulation, it may be possible to achieve tactical successes, and to banish one or another figure from the leadership. But it will not be possible to stop the revolutionary crisis whose development is now gathering strength.”


    Posted by Avid | Sep 6, 2014, 12:14
  9. Look at swiss democraty, referendum with people’s initiative, all munical budget and expends voted py people … now international treaties must be approved by referendum. Think about the antics draw (loto) to get deputies amongs normal people etc … All people are are armed members of militia.


    Posted by Yéti | Sep 6, 2014, 12:36
  10. To the Russians who seem to have lots of false views regarding the West, having lived all my life in Europe let me tell them that I have now lost all my illusions and that life is getting worse and worse in the USA and Europe and that it won’t get better but worse and worse.


    Posted by BAB | Sep 6, 2014, 12:45
  11. The officials of the democracy in large part chosen by lottery. A key to have real democracy. With turn over and with high verifcation of corruption after. And ALL law voted by normal people (after hearing experts), not professionals of politics.


    Posted by Yéti | Sep 6, 2014, 12:48
  12. I feel deeply for the people of Novorossiya. I hope the bloody traitor Pornoshenko and his fascist thugs get what is coming to them. Unfortunately, the conflict is not in Ukraine; this is between the dying Anglo-Saxon financial empire of the West and the rising socialist economies of Russia, China, India and the BRICS. Ukraine is caught in the middle. Putin could be in Kiev in days and I originally thought he would. But Putin’s strategy is aimed at overthrowing the whole Western financial empire. He is attempting to peel away Europe from the Anglo-Americans and prevent a nuclear war of human extinction from happening until the imperialst regime of the U.S. can be removed by its own people. Here in the U.S. we real Americans are doing our very best to accomplish this, and Obama is looking shakier and more impeachable every day. We have some absolute madmen in power over here. So please be patient with Putin.


    Posted by tonywicher1 | Sep 6, 2014, 15:10
  13. I feel deeply for the people of Novorossiya. I hope the bloody traitor Pornoshenko and his fascist thugs get what is coming to them. Unfortunately, the conflict is not in Ukraine; this is between the dying Anglo-Saxon financial empire of the West and the rising socialist economies of Russia, China, India and the BRICS. Ukraine is caught in the middle. Putin could be in Kiev in days and I originally thought he would. But Putin’s strategy is aimed at overthrowing the whole Western financial empire. He is attempting to peel away Europe from the Anglo-Americans and prevent a nuclear war of human extinction from happening until the imperialst regime of the U.S. can be removed by its own people. Here in the U.S. we real Americans are doing our very best to accomplish this, and Obama is looking shakier and more impeachable every day. We have some absolute madmen in power over here. I understand how great your anger is, but please be patient with Putin.


    Posted by tonywicher1 | Sep 6, 2014, 18:49
    • ” … this is between the dying Anglo-Saxon financial empire of the West and the rising socialist economies of Russia, China, India and the BRICS. Ukraine is caught in the middle. Putin could be in Kiev in days … ” [Tony]

      Yep, I agree with that, @Tony!


      Posted by Historian | Sep 6, 2014, 20:33
    • Tony,
      I don’t think Americans are doing much (if anything at all) to “remove imperialist regime” in the US. But your sentiment is is appreciated in any case.


      Posted by Alec | Sep 7, 2014, 04:45
  14. “Neither the Kremlin nor the oligarchs, but the international working class is the real class ally of the Ukrainian workers.

    Our destinies are interconnected and we have to take them into our hands. We have to fight together the same enemies: the US/NATO imperialism and its warmongers, the IMF, the EU, and their draconian plans, the oligarchs in all the post -soviet space served by Ukrainian or Great Russian nationalism, ethnic and religious hatred, the new rise of anti-Semitism and fascism”.

    And as our May 13 Statement on Ukraine by Left parties and movements we consider it necessary “to dismiss immediately the Supreme Rada and replace it and other bourgeois authorities with new national authorities created at a national congress and consisting of Councils of workers and their executive committees at local, regional and national levels, including at all enterprises. Only then, on condition of the right of a recall of deputies by those who have elected them, will there be such conditions when workers and other laborers will be able to define democratically the destiny of the country.”

    CRFI Coordination Committee for the Refoundation of the Fourth International


    Posted by Eduardo Lagos | Sep 7, 2014, 15:29
  15. Disbanding the militias of the People’s Republics of Donetsk and of Luhansk, a recipe for their defeat. To make a historical analogy, it is as if one were calling for the disarming of the armed people of the Paris Commune and leaving them to the mercy of the troops of Thiers. This would not be the end of the civil war but the crashing of the popular resistance in Donbass by the revanchists and fascists as a precondition for imposing the misery demanded by the IMF in agreement with Kiev on the entire Ukrainian people in the Eastern and Western parts of the country.



    Posted by Eduardo Lagos | Sep 7, 2014, 15:31
  16. The working people in Eastern and Southern Ukraine do not defend only their language or national-cultural rights from the ethnic hatred and genocidal plans of the Banderovites in Kiev. The social question is at the center, despite all the noises made by right wing Russian nationalists.
    It is well known that not only the Ukrainian oligarchs, but also the Russian oligarchs with invested interests in Eastern Ukraine oppose the rebellion and demand its repression.

    The truth is that the population in Eastern Ukraine suffers rather from the inaction of Putin’s Russia than from its action. The popular militias in Donetsk vainly called for arms. They are armed by the old weaponry of the 1980s taken by the local insurgents from the Ukrainian armed forces and police. The Kremlin subordinates everything to its secret diplomacy, bargaining behind the scenes with the US and Germany. The Geneva agreement of April 17 was, above all, an attempt to politically disarm the rebellion in Donetsk, as we had stressed in our Appeal of April 18. It was a dangerous farce that failed miserably turning into the current tragedy.


    Posted by Eduardo Lagos | Sep 7, 2014, 15:35
  17. Both Ukrainian nationalism and Great Russian nationalism spread ethnic hatred, disintegration, national slavery and social disaster for the interests of the oligarchs and global capital, for the IMF, the EU, the US, and NATO.
    The integrity and independence of Ukraine can be secured only if all oligarchs are expropriated under workers’ control without any compensation to these thieves and the entire economy and society is re-organized on a real, i.e. anti-bureaucratic, socialist basis.
    The fake Verkhovna Rada should immediately be dissolved. Workers’ Councils should be formed everywhere and elect delegates to a new, real Verkhovna Rada to organize a national discussion of a new Constitution for a united, independent, socialist Ukraine ruled by the Councils of its workers and people and not by the gangsters at the pay of Washington, Berlin, or Brussels.

    Death to fascism! Freedom and Peace to the people!
    All power to the workers Councils!

    May 6, 2014



    Posted by Eduardo Lagos | Sep 7, 2014, 15:36
    • Ethnic nationalism is racism, but non-ethnic nationalism is necessary and good. A good national government has the support of the majority of its people regardless of ethnicity.As another commenter has pointed out, there is no pure Russian or Ukrainian or any other ethnicity. We all come from the same human gene pool.


      Posted by tonywicher1 | Sep 8, 2014, 06:40
  18. Build the Red Army Underground of New Russia!

    Build the Red Army Underground of New Soviet Ukraine!

    – from Nazi-occupied Amerika


    Posted by rock musician | Sep 9, 2014, 02:43


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